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How can I easily switch between 2 or more game consoles?
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7th of August, 2015

For the X-Arcade Controllers:
You can purchase a DB9 Serial Switchbox and some extra serial cables to easily switch between one or more game consoles. Simply connect one serial cable between the IN port of the Switchbox and the X-Arcade™, and the other cables between the OUT ports and the console adapters.
You may not be able to use the USB connection for PC with the Serial Switch Box, in this case just use the PS/2 connection instead.

NOTE: You must turn off your systems before switching between them. Do not switch while a system is on or you could cause damage to your hardware.

For audio/video in Machine cabinets:
To switch audio/video between several game consoles you simply need a standard S-Video Audio/Video Switchbox.
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