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Mac - Troubleshooting MAME™ Problems
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15th of October, 2008

Make Sure To Visit Dedicated Product Support Pages For Detailed X-Arcade™ Problems

  1. Be sure to X-Arcade Is In Mode 1 (See Bottom Of Page)
  2. test your X-Arcade is working first!
  3. Be sure you read our detailed page for configuring MAME™ for the X-Arcade.
  4. Resource Hog?

The MAME™ software includes a "Help" menu that can help you (press F1 on your keyboard to access). Alternatively, here are some more very helpful sites that have more in-depth MAME™ instructions, troubleshooting help, and information:

MacMAME™ Official Help - The help page of the MacMAME™, packed with helpful information!

SimpleHelp's MAME™ OS X Help - A very simple, straight-forward starter's guide.

MAME™ OS X Forum - Get help from others with MAME™ OS X.

Not Recognized? Make Sure Your X-Arcade Is In Mode 1

Most problems are accounted for by checking your in the right mode. While someone like Woz would love it, it's quite an annoyance to us Mac users just trying to relive some classic arcade games. Mode 1 is the default mode and if you're switch is moved closest to the serial port, it's fine.

If it wasn't in this spot, move it there, then push the button on the back of the X-Arcade™ twice (the light on the X-Arcade™ should turn off from the first push, and back on with the second) and you will load Mode 1.

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