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Mount an X-Arcade Controller to a Cabinet
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27th of January, 2015

Many people ask us how they can mount their X-Arcade controller to a home-made cabinet. But the X-Arcade controllers were not built with the sole purpose of mounting to cabinets in mind, and since it is a custom arcade cabinet, it is really up to the builder to decide.

John St. Clair wrote a great book entitled Project Arcade - Build Your Own Arcade Machine! that includes information on X-Arcade controller mounting.

More help on building your own cabinet can be found at the BYOAC Wiki, or the BYOAC Forum.

Of course, we use the X-Arcade Tankstick in our X-Arcade Machine cabinet. And we also sell the X-Arcade Tankstick Control Panel along with all the parts you'll need to build your own arcade cabinet. 

Here are also a few interesting custom machines with X-Arcades mounted to them

Built a great cabinet using an X-Arcade controller? Tell us about it and we might add it to this list.
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