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Trackball Assembly Installation Instructions
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9th of April, 2010

The Trackball assembly may look complicated because it has many wires and connectors coming out of it, but there actually only 5 types of wires with several duplicates of each. Here are the functions for each wire color respectively ::
  • Black = All black wires are ground (use a ground with each wire below)
  • White =  Mouse Button 1 (mouse 0 in MAME)
  • Brown = Mouse Button 2 (mouse button 1 in MAME)
  • Orange = Mouse Button 3 (mouse button 2 in MAME)
  • Blue = Horizontal Disabler (use for perfect straight shots in Golf or Bowling)
To install into a new wood opening, use a router to cut out 5-7/8” by 5-7/8” down to ¼”. Cut 2-7/8” hole for lip/ball. On the top of the assembly you will notice a small line which represents up.

No mounting plate is required, but can be used if desired (though we do not sell them).
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