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Marquees, Side Art, Overlays, etc.
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8th of April, 2015

X-Arcade Machine Custom Artwork Kit

Here are the templates for side art and marquee for X-Arcade Machine.
NOTE: If you ordered an X-Arcade Machine cabinet with the artwork option, this includes the side art and marquee only (we cannot apply control panel artwork). 

The X-Arcade Machine's marquee is approximately 24.75" x 7.25", but there is a wood frame around that size bringing the viewable size you actually see of the logo down to about 23.5" x 6".

X-Arcade Machine Artwork

X-Arcade Machine Front Door

Machine Artwork Samples

X-Arcade Controller Art Overlays

Tankstick - Dual

X-Arcade Logo

X-Arcade Logo

Here you will find some X-Arcade owners working on custom layout overlays for the X-Arcade controllers:

X-Arcade Controller Overlays

Tankstick Overlay

Custom Artwork

If you are looking for a custom marquee, side artwork, or control panel art, check out, they customize:

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