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Xbox 360™ Adapter Button Layout and Instructions
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26th of February, 2016

We now offer a PlayStation 2™ to Xbox 360™ adapter, it requires one of our PlayStation 2 or 5in1 X-Adapters. Our Xbox 360™ adapter will also allow you to use many other PS2 controllers on your Xbox 360™.

Click here to order an Xbox 360™ adapter for the X-Arcade™.

There is a guide button lableed with an 'X' on the 360 adapter itself. There is also a headset jack on it for headsets.

  • The first thing you want to do is test the X-Arcade™ on your PC using the X-Arcade™ Test Utility Program to check that it is being recognized by your PC properly. If your controller works in the X-Arcade™ Test Program, then your controller is fine. Run the X-Arcade™ Test Program.
  • If the button layout is different from the one above, be sure the switch on the 360 adapter is set to 'Pad', not 'Wheel'.
  • If you have trouble getting both players to work at the same time, try plugging both Xbox 360™ adapters into the USB ports of the console at the same time while the console is already on.
  • The Xbox 360 adapters will only work with the current 5in1 adapter with permanently attached cables. If your 5in1 adapter has detachable cables as shown by number 3 in the diagram above it will not work. 
  • If you are still having trouble but your X-Arcade is working on the PC with our test program, try the X-Arcade on a PlayStation 1 or 2 console to see if it works there (if possible). If you have a PlayStation 1 or 2 gamepad, please also test if it works on the 360 adapter. This will help troubleshoot the cause.

The following information is for the older V1 360 adapters only:

  • If you have a new Slim model Xbox 360™ console (smaller one), you may need to use the back USB ports.
  • You MUST use a wired Microsoft® branded Xbox 360™ controller for each player for it to work. A wireless gamepad with Play and Charge™ cable will not work.
  • Guide Button: There is limited support for the Guide button by holding the Back button and pressing X+Start (all 3 buttons simultaneously), but you may need to do this more than once (thanks to Cory Cacioppo for finding this workaround). Otherwise you will need to use a separate gamepad to access the Guide function.
  • Headset: You will need a wireless headset to communicate while gaming.

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