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How do I replace the PCB board and/or cable in the X-Arcade™?
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29th of April, 2013

Before you begin, first use the instructions here to open the X-Arcade™ controller.

PCB and PCB-Cable replacement procedure:

PCB-Cable replacement procedure:
  1. Open the X-Arcade.
  2. Remove the PCB-Cable's two white molex connectors from the PCB by simply pulling them off carefully.
  3. Pull the PCB-Cable out from the outside or the controller, or push it from the inside out by using a screwdriver or similar to punch the black wire clip out.
  4. Replace the cable in the wire clip with the new one, and press the wire clip firmly back in place.
  5. Reconnect the two molex connectors in their respective plugs on the PCB.

PCB Board replacement procedure:

  1. PIC: Remove the 4 phillips-head screws around the PCB.
  2. PIC: One at a time, remove the white molex connectors from the PCB by simply pulling them off carefully, and putting them onto the new PCB.
  3. PIC: Replace the 4 screws you removed in step 2.

If you removed more than one jumper at once and aren't sure where to put them back, check out the schematic diagram below for proper placement:

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