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X-Arcade Arcade2TV Showcase Pedestal Setup Guide, Manual and Support
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6th of December, 2015

X-Arcade Arcade2TV Showcase Pedestal Setup Guide:


  • The keys can be found in the coin slot.
  • The game discs are for backup purposes only and already loaded on the PC, you can simply store them inside the cabinet.
  • You will be connecting a total of 4 USB cables to the PC, 2 power cords (one for the PC and one for the cabinet), an audio cable, and an HDMI cable for video from the PC to the TV. If your PC only has 3 USB ports on the back, there are 2 more on the front. 
  • The Purple and Green round connectors on your X-Arcade and inside the machine are not used!
  • The cables for the PC are bound with a wire tie and ready for hookup, you can carefully cut/unscrew the wire tie to get the full length of the cables.
  • The green/white cable is not needed (for connecting coin door only), simply store it in the cabinet.
  • The X-Arcade Tankstick manual is a general manual for the control panel itself, so use the instructions for controlling your Arcade2TV on this page instead. 
WARNING: Do not turn off the Machine without first turning off the PC properly by simply tapping (do not hold) the power button on the front of the PC. The PC is shipped separate from the Machine, here is how to get things up and running:

Initial Setup:

  1. Open the rear door and place the PC in the bottom-left section of the Machine with the back of the PC facing to the right. Be sure not to cover the side vent of the PC. 
  2. Connect the 2 USB plugs for the control panel to the USB ports on the back of the PC.
  3. Connect the audio plug to the green audio out on the PC.
  4. Open the control panel tray (it opens like a school desk) and put the keyboard and mouse inside. Run the cables to the PC through the hole in the center, and then connect the USB connections into the back of the computer, 
  5. The serial switchbox (labeled A/B/C/D) switches the CONTROLS between the PC (switched to A) and consoles (switched to C). Since you will most likely only want to use the PC, make sure the switch is set to A.
  6. You will find the HDMI cable in one of the boxes included with the shipment. Connect one end of the HDMI cable into the back of the PC, connect the other end in to the HDMI-in on your TV.
  7. Plug one end of the power cable that came with the PC into the back of the PC, and the other end into the white powerstrip.
  8. Connect the other power cable between the cabinet and your wall socket, a surge protector is recommended.
  9. Turn on the PC, wait for it to fully boot to the arcade playing software. The screen will be black on the first boot for a few minutes while it scans the software. While this is happening, hold the Exit Game button and press F5 on the keyboard. Then press Ctrl+Alt+F11 and choose 'Maintain Apect Ratio'. If you misss it, go to step 10.
  10. If the video doesn't fit the screen, go to Daphne and start Dragon't Lair. Ignore the game, and press the Exit Game button + F5 on your keyboard. Next press Ctrl+Alt+F11 and choose 'Maintain Display Scaling'. Press the Exit Game button again to go back to the software, and you are all set. You only need to do this once. 

Basic Operation

  1. To choose a game, first pick which system you want to play using the joystick or trackball, then press the Player 1 Start button. Also use the joystick/trackball to scroll the list of games and press Start again to start one.
  2. After you start up an Arcade game (MAME menu), use the left pinball flipper button closest to you to insert coins, and then press the white Start button(s) with men on them to play. 
  3. To Exit a game, HOLD the left pinball button closest to you and press the Player 1 Start button.
  4. VOLUME: The primary way to adjust the sound is the sound adjustment found on the wall inside by opening the coin door. (See the Troubleshooting section below for other ways to adjust if needed.)
  5. When you are all done playing, you can leave the cabinet running, or Tap (don't hold) the power button on the front of the PC and allow the PC to fully shut off. Then you can optionally turn off the main power on the back of the cabinet (or a power strip if you are using one).  
  6. Lights: To operate the lights, open the control panel and use the included remote control to aim at the IR receiver. The white cable coming off of the white box has the IR receiver on the end of it, so if it is not working make sure it is visible (not pushed down into hole in center). 
  7. See full list of other commands listed below.

Maximus Arcade GUI Button Layout:

Maximus X-Arcade Layout

Function: X-Arcade
Scroll Up Joy Up
Scroll Down Joy Down
Scroll Left
Joy Left
Scroll Right
Joy Right
Page Up  Joy Left
Page Down Joy Right
Page Up Letter Button 2
Page Down Letter
Button 5
Select Game
Start 1 or Button 1
Previous Menu
Button 4
Favorites Button 3
Add Favorite
Button 6
Exit Game (return to Maximus)
Exit Button (older models: Left Pinball + Start 1)
Insert Coins (in game) Left Pinball button (closest to you)
Start Game (after coins inserted) Start 1 or Start 2
Game Volume There is a volume control inside/behind the coin door
Refresh Video
Hold Start 2 + Press Start 1
Put PC to sleep
Hold Start 2 + Press Right Pinball (closest to you)
Reboot PC Hold Start 2 + Press Left Pinball(closest to you)

Advanced Operation:

  • To shut down your cabinet, first press (don't hold) the power button on the front of the PC and allow it to shut down properly. Then you can optionally turn it completely off by turning off the switch on the back of the cabinet.
  • If you wish to use a game console, set the serial switchbox to C. You can change the audio/video on your TV directly.
  • For any games that say "Reset to Factory Defaults" or similar, simply hit the F2 button on your keyboard. You will only have to do this once.
  • MANUAL GAME CONTROLS CONFIG: You can change the controls for any game by simply pushing the "Tab" key while a game is already running to access the controls menu. The Input (this game) overrides the general input settings and adds custom controller settings for just the game being used. Input (general) option allows controller settings to be applied to all games (not recommended).
  • SOUND: The primary way to adjust the sound is the sound adjustment in the coin door opening. If you need it to go louder still. go to options in Maximus by pressing RCtrl+P (Right-Control+P) while in a menu (not in game), then go to the Controller tab, then the Menus subtab. Next to Volume menu put in a value (for example the letter v). Save that when it asks (overwrite original), and now when in a menu press the v key to open the volume menu. You can press left and right on the arrow keys to adjust volume, v key again to close the menu.
    For MAME games you can adjust the volume by pressing the ' key (key above Tab key normally) and adjust using left/right arrows on the keyboard. For some games (such as Rampage World Tour and Mortal Kombat games), the - and = keys can be used to raise or lower the in-game volume.
  • Screensaver: You can disable or change the Screensaver options in Maximus by pressing RCtrl+P (Right-Control+P) while in a menu (not in game) and going to the Options Tab then Screensaver subtab.
  • Q*Bert (if you have it) is a 4-way game where the joystick was mounted in an X mount. There is no way to make a diagonal (in other words 2 keys pressed at once) to be a direction to compensate. So to play it you will want play it with that in mind, Up=up-right, Down=down-left, Left=up-left, and Right=down-right.

Using MAME™

Please make sure you read the MAME license and MAME ROM legality, we cannot provide any advice on legality of roms, nor any assistance on how/where to download MAME ROMS.  Please do not ask any questions about where/how to download MAME ROMS! MAME Info

NOTE: We are not responsible for any changes made to your PC settings. We do not recommend going into the operating system unless you are certain you know what you are doing. To exit Maximus to Windows, while in the menus (not in a game) on the keyboard hold Right Ctrl and press Q.

New game ROMs can be put in the "PUT MAME ROMS HERE!" folder found on your desktop (do not extract the .zip files). If you add new ROM files to the roms folder, you will need to tell Maximus Arcade to Refresh the Game List. To do this, Open Preferences (Use the keyboard's RIGHT-SIDE CONTROL KEY (NOT LEFT)  CONTROL+P while in the front end, or the Preferences link found at C:\MAX 2.10\Frontend) and choose the Configuration tab. Next to "Configuration for" choose the emulator you want to look for new roms in (example MAME) from the drop-down list. Next click on the "Scan" tab at the bottom, and put a check next to "Force rescan of media folder". Close preferences, your screen may be blank for a few minutes while it is updating. If your ROMs don't appear or don't work see our ROMS help page.


  • If the light on the control panel is not illuminated, the joysticks and buttons will not work. Make sure the A/B/C/D switchbox is set to A, the serial connection is connected firmly to the back of the tankstick, and that the USB connection with purple end next to it is plugged into a USB port on the back of the PC. If you still don't get a light, try switching the switchbox to B and then back to A.
  • If you get a message saying "Invalid Locations", you will need to restore the Maximus Arcade default preferences. To do this, exit Maximus to Windows by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously to open Task Manager, and choose End Task on 'Arcade Frontend'. Next press the 'More Details' button and Choose File>Run, then type in "explorer" without the quotes and hit enter. Then you will need to go to the directory "C:\MAX 2.10\! Restore Default Prefs\" and run the file called "! File Copier". Then simply reboot the PC.
  • If you upgrade Windows (not recommended), you will need to do the step above and also run the file "Registry Shell". You will also need to re-input the Maximus Registration code. 
  • If your screen is flipping sideways while playing, you will need to disable the video card's built in Hotkeys (disabled by default). To do this, first exit Maximus to Windows, on the keyboard hold Right Ctrl and press Q (from any menu screen, not in a game). Then right-click anywhere on the desktop and go to HotKeys and choose disable. From here you can reboot the PC.
  • Complete power loss: In the AC Inlet on the back of the cabinet there is a fuse holder between the rocker switch and AC Inlet. There are 2x 250V 10A 20mm fuses in this holder, one is a spare. It's important to get a flat head that goes under the lip and that you bring it from the side that is in the pictures.

The Software Does Not Fit The Screen

The Maximus Arcade software is set to 1080p by default. 

If your TV is 720p: You will need to change Maximus Arcade accordingly. To do this, 
  • On your keyboard press and hold RCtrl (right Ctrl) and press the letter P.
  • Choose the 'Interface' tab.
  • Change the resolution setting to the resolution matching your TV and click 'Close'.
If you confirm that you have a 1080p TV: And if Maximus Arcade is not fitting your screen, do the following: 
  1. While in the menus (not in a game) on the keyboard hold Right Ctrl and press Q to exit Maximus to Windows.
  2. Right-click on the Desktop, choose ‘Personalize”.
  3. On the bottom-left of this window choose ‘Display’.
  4. Tick the box next to “Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays”. Make sure set to ‘smaller’ and click ‘Apply’. on the pop-up choose ‘Sign Out Now’.

Scaling AdjustmentOverscan

Some HDTVs will have part of the picture cut off around the screen, this is called overscan. Many TVs will have an option under Settings either called 'Screen Fit' or 'Dot by Dot', your remote may even have a button to change this called 'Format' or 'P.size'.

However if your TV does not have such a setting, you may be able to simply adjust the PC to fit your screen. To do this,
  • First exit the arcade software by pressing and holding RCtrl (right-Ctrl) and then pressing the letter Q on your keyboard.
  • Right-click anywhere on the Desktop and choose 'Graphics Properties'. On the screen that comes up choose 'Advanced Mode'.
  • Next to 'Scaling' change 'Maintain Display Scaling' to 'Customize Aspect Ratio'.
  • You will now see adjustment bars for the horizontal and vertical scaling. You may have to make a small adjustment to one of them and click 'Apply', at which point you will be able to see the adjustments as they happen. 

No Video

Make sure the HDMI cable is connected properly from the computer to the TV. Also make sure that you have the corresponding HDMI input selected on your TV based on which HDMI input you connected the HDMI cable to on the TV.

No Sound

The sound will come out of the TV if the PC speakers are not connected. Try raising the volume on the TV and speakers.You can also change the output device under Control Panel>Sound settings.
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