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X-Arcade™ Installation Guide
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29th of April, 2013

The X-Arcade™ was built with internal electronics to be compatible with the major past, present and FUTURE game systems. as well as any PC with no special drivers required. Once you own the X-Arcade™controller, you will never need to buy another arcade joystick again!

Use it for life: If a new game system like is released, instead of purchasing a brand new arcade joystick, just get the easy to connect game adapter from XGAMING and you'll be able to use your X-Arcade™ with the latest game system.

How The X-Arcade Plugs Into Your Computer.

The X-Arcade™ is recognized by your computer as a standard keyboard. This is a great benefit as you don't need to install any drivers or software!

NOTE: The cable has the option of either a PS/2 connection or USB, DO NOT CONNECT BOTH. Also 2 connections are required for the Tankstick.

1) Plug the X-Arcade™'s included Computer Cable into any USB 2.0 port on your PC/Mac™.
2) (Tankstick only) Plug the X-Arcade's™ Trackball Cable into any USB port on your PC/Mac™ or USB hub.
3) You can connect any other PS/2 or USB mouse/keyboard into the PC as well.

There must be a keyboard plugged into the X-Arcade™ for it to work on the PS/2 port.
1) Turn off your computer! Always turn off your computer before connecting or disconnecting any non-USB hardware.
2) Plug your keyboard (PS/2 connector) into the back of the X-Arcade™.
3) Plug the purple X-Arcade™ PS/2 Cable into your computer's purple PS/2 keyboard port.
4) (Tankstick Only) Plug the green X-Arcade™ Trackball Cable into the green PS/2 mouse port.


How The X-Arcade Plugs Into A Game Console.

The X-Arcade™ is recognized by your console as a regular console gamepad.

WARNING: DO NOT plug the X-Adapter into more than one
console at a time. Doing so may damage the X-Adapter.

  1. Plug the Console Cable into the Serial Port on the X-Arcade™.
  2.  Plug the other end of the Console Cable into Serial Port on the X-adapter.
  3. Connect one end of X-Adapter Cables into the X-Adapter (only the P1 side needed for Solo).
  4. Connect other end of X-Adapter Cables into your game console’s controller ports. (Only the 'P1' side is used for Solo)
  5. Power on game console, red LED should light on X-Arcade™.
  6. PLAY!

Be sure to read the instructions for each console!

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