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X-Arcade Machine - Shipping Questions
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23rd of January, 2013

Where do you ship from?

Your X-Arcade™ Machine will ship from Wisconsin via freight. It's pre-assembled, industrial-grade machine and ready-to-use.  


How does is ship ?

Your X-Arcade™ Machine ships on a palette via truck-freight, pre-assembled and ready to use. The entire bundle weights approximately 480LBS, so make sure to have a furniture or appliance dolly and friend there to get inside your house.

For an additional fee, the freight company can bring upstairs/downstairs inside house or building. There are special requirements for where and how inside delivery is made, this will be arranged by phone before your machine is shipped.




How much does shipping cost?

Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet will cost $499 to ship anywhere in the lower 48 states. This includes delivery to your curb on a palette, usually the freight company will allow you to use the palette jack to move the unit to your driveway/garage door or main point of entry. 

If you require assistance bringing inside your house, building or apartment; please specify when you order by replying to your order confirmation email or phone

Lower 48 States - $499
Lower 48 States - Inside Delivery $699.

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours.


Can you ship to other countries?

We can ship your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet anywhere in the world, but it will likely cost a small fortune.

Canada is about $200 more and outside North America is $1700.

We currently do not have resellers carrying this device outside USA.

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours. 


How do I get it into my house or building?

Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet ships on a palette and we suggest you have one-two friends (just buy em' some beer) and a furniture dolly ready to pickup at your door from the trucking company.

*There are wheels on the back of the machine so you can tilt and push around from room-to-room. 

You should still have those free beers ready for your driver, he'll work much harder with a reward.

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours.How long till it ships?

Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is high quality furniture, but if you place your order today--it will usually ship within 1-2 business days and arrive in approximately 5-7 business days via freight. 

What if it's damaged in shipment?

If your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet arrives damaged in anyway, please save all the packing box materials and if possible, take some digital shots of the damage for us. 

We will handle replacing the damaged part at our expense, but we'd like proof of the damage so we can beat the delivery driver with a metal rod and make sure it doesn't happen again.


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