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X-Arcade Machine - Award-Winning Machine Features
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23rd of January, 2013

How does the X-Arcade™ Machine compare to a REAL arcade machine?

This is an excellent question---It's essentially same thing.  The X-Arcade Machine is identical in materials to the original Killer Instinct Arcade Cabinet, one of the most popular designs of all time.

In fact, the only differences involve cosmetic and electronic upgrades we've made. Specifically--adding storage space for your game systems and games, a keyboard drawer, lockable drawers/doors, adjustable marques and shelving for anything you want to add in the future.

One common alternative machine, Arcade Legends 3 or Dream Arcade, is a cabinet with no design for home use, no game storage, no drawers, no ability to load game console titles or new games easily. You are quite limited in options with an Arcade Legends machine, so unless you plan on being happy with the 130 games already included, we highly suggest you take a look at the hard thought and effort we put into making our machine a great value for your home gameroom or office.

You'll get a real arcade machine--that's flexible and upgrade able.

X-Arcade machine ms. pac man

Your X-Arcade Machine in use!

How does it compare to MAME™ Arcade Machines?

The X-Arcade™ was made for arcade enthusiasts and owes its birth to the legions of MAME™ users all over the world.

Our system is by far the best choice for MAME™ users not wishing to build their own cabinet.

X-Arcade machine image
Special Drawer For Keyboard/Mouse Control


Why should I buy the X-Arcade instead of _______?

There a number of factors which created our leadership position in home arcade gaming. 

Innovation. We were the first gaming company to develop and market a single arcade machine and joystick to work with any game system.  We took the fun and simplicity of classic arcade gaming and are making it available to any game system or platform. No other machine can offer this functionality, which we consider incredibly important given the large investment you are making and the planned length of time this machine will be in your home or office! Your  X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is future-proof, no other cabinet can claim the same benefit.

Flexibility. We had enough foresight to realize--as game systems become obsolete, the controller you love doesn't have to. We designed the first and only game controller which can be purchased today and include future support for new game systems. No one wants to buy a product or technology which becomes obsolete.

Our system includes the classics, plays thousand of arcade games, but is compatible with your favorite game console, Mac™ or PC.  In the future, when a new Xbox or Playstation or Nintendo is released, you will be able to buy connections to play that game system inside your  X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet for less than $50, that's a great value!

Service. Your  X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is bulletproof and so is the warranty that comes with it.

Focus. We became the best arcade hardware company on the planet by focusing our efforts exclusively on arcade gaming. You wont' find us making gamepad's, steering wheels, dance pads and every input device under the sun. We are passionate about classic gaming and focus all our resources in this area.

X-Arcade™ is the real thing, everything else is an imitation.

Will you be coming out with different control panels?

Currently, we offer a two player control panel with a trackball in the center, but are well-ahead of our competition by featuring a "fully-removable" control panel.  This design concept is important because it allows your  X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet to be very flexible when it comes to future additions and gameplay.

This means you have the option of purchasing additional control panels in the future as they are made available to expand your machine to support more players and new types of game play.

You can proceed with purchasing the standard 2 Player configuration now and we will notify all owners of new panels as they are made available. You can even design your own custom control panel and attach to your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet.   No other arcade machine cabinets offer this kind of flexibility or value.


What kind of joysticks/buttons do you use ?

The joysticks used in the X-Arcade Machine are industrial-grade (8/4 way) tested to work for 10,000,000 pushes.

Arcade joystick part

*We include replacement parts so you'll never experience any downtime!


What if something breaks ?

The design of the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet was structured to make it extremely easy to service. In most cases, you'll be able to easily fix the problem on-site with no technical help needed. 

-If the controller itself fails, it's removable and replaceable on-site by anyone WITHOUT technical experience. Unplug and change, very simple.  Your computer has built-in WIFI and a remote login application so we can provide remote diagnostic services and update your machine if necessary.

-You can remove the game system and audio speaker system in a few minutes and change out with a replacement supplied by Xgaming.

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours.


What size and type of monitor is in the X-Arcade Machine?

Included inside the machine is a 29" Industrial-Grade VGA monitor. Don't be fooled by arcade machines using tiny 21" Computer monitors or even those brave enough to use a television as the main display.

Real arcade machines use this 29" Industrial-Grade VGA monitor because it's the only display type capable of properly showcasing classic games and next generation games.  Our main competitor, the Arcade Legends uses a much smaller 25" Screen

We include an adapter to connect any game system to this VGA monitor.

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