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X-Arcade Machine - General questions
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23rd of January, 2013

What's included in the X-Arcade Machine?

  • X-Arcade™ Standup Arcade Machine
  • Built In Wifi Wireless Card For Online Access To Games & Remote Technical Support/Service
  • X-Arcade™ Tankstick
  • Works With All X-Arcade™ Console Game Adapters (Connect To Your Favorite Game Console)
  • 29 " Industrial-Grade Monitor (1 Year Warranty)
  • Brand New Embedded Computer;  Intel Core I5-3300,
  • Pre-Configured Arcade Software (MAME Rom-Ready)
  • Playstation 2™ Game System
  • Includes 200+ Classic Games
  • Surround-Speakers With Subwoofer
  • Volume Control Directly On Front Of Machine (With HeadPhone Jack)
  • Fully-Functional Iron Coin-Door
  • Sliding/Lockable Keyboard Drawer
  • 2 Rear Locking (Vented) Access Panels
  • 110V Rear Cooling Fan
  • Interior Pre-Wired Power Strip
  • 29" Arcade Bezel
  • Tempered Glass Protective Screen
  • Internal Shelving System For PC/Game Consoles
  • Control Panel Clamps & Hinge
  • Steel Monitor Mounting Brackets
  • Powder-Coated Steel Area To Allow Audio Sound From Front Of Machine
  • Storage Area Behind Marquee For Games/Media/Audio
  • Industrial Rear Cabinet Handle For Moving Machine Cabinet Around 
  • Industrial-Grade Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Cabinet Legs And Leg Levelers
  • Toll Free Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty On X-Arcade Joystick

Do I have to setup anything

The X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet was specifically designed to work immediately without any complicated setup.  Just plug it in, turn on and go! 

Competing machines require hours of installation and complicated setup procedures. Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is incredibly easy for anyone to start playing just by pressing the power button!


Does it work like a regular arcade machine?

The X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is modeled from an industrial-grade, coin-op arcade machine. 

You'll get the exact same thing as the arcade, but we made some upgrades so the machine would look great and function well in a home or place of business. It uses all the same parts as 80's arcade machine.  No coins are required to start games and everything is controlled from the X-Arcade Tankstick.  The machine does include a working coin-door.

Real arcade machines typically cost upwards of $3000-$5000 each and only include a very limited number of games and no flexibility.

You control games just like you would on a regular game console, but use the controls of a real arcade machine. This makes adding new games from your favorite game system as easy as inserting a game disc and pressing the power button.

What is the size of the machine?

Machine Height: 75"; Width: 28" Depth 43" . The control panel is shipped un-attached from the machine, so width is 28".  With the panel installed after installation, width becomes 32".  The average door size is 30-32" so it should fit into any room.

Weight – 480 lbs, ships on a palette.


Can I use it as a MAME™ Cabinet?

With the popularity of MAME™, many people who grew up on the classic arcade games from the 70's and 80's want to relive these games today and your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is 100% compatible with all versions of MAME™ and all emulators with built-in arcade gaming software and can use any USB, DVD or downloadable roms directly on the machine, across all platforms.

Includes standard Machine plus embedded computer, (Load on your own arcade games)

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours.

What is the warranty ?

The X-Arcade™ Controls/Buttons/Trackball have lifetime warranty, but the Cabinet/Machine, game system and monitor are covered for one year.

Since the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet was designed for home and office use, all the parts can be replaced onsite by your grandma. Unlike competing arcade machines, the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet will NEVER need on-site service by a skilled technician.

We focused on making the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet easy to fix. 

Where would someone install or use an X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet?

Since the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet replicates a real stand-up arcade machine, customers from all walks of life are using units in very interesting ways. 

In the home, the most common use is in a gameroomhome theater room or man-cave: serving as the centerpiece of the ultimate gaming experience. 

Outside the home, the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is currently being used in university rec-rooms, break rooms, waiting rooms, corporate offices, any place you want to add some fun for visitors, guests or employees! The machine can currently be found at the nations's most prestigious Universities and successful Corporations.

The X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is a great solution due to its industrial-grade parts and lockable access areas. 

Where can I store my games and movies?

Our Chief Gaming Officer came up with a brilliant way to access your games and movies using a simple pull-up system attached behind the graphical marquee. Just push up the front of the marquee and access this hidden storage area!

Accessible Storage Area


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