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  1. questionTest Your X-Arcade™ First! - Online Test Utility Program
    We have created the X-Arcade™ Test Utility Program to test the buttons and directions on the X-Arcade™ (microswitches), proper connection to the PC, as well as verifying that it is ready for MAME™. This program should be your first step to solving problems. Requires Java&tra ...

  2. questionHow can I make the X-Arcade™ joystick more or less sensitive?
    If a joystick is sticking in one direction, you have trouble hitting diagonals, or you would just like to make your joystick more sensitive to movements for a fighting game, adjusting the microswitch sensitivity is your answer. A good way to test if a microswitch direction is sticking because i ...

  3. questionHow do I change the X-Arcade™ from 8-way to 4-way mode?
    If you are playing a game like Pac-Man™ or Donkey Kong™ and find that the joystick gets stuck when changing directions, this is because these original arcade games used 4-way restricted joysticks, while the X-Arcade™ is set to 8-way mode by default. You can solve this with the ...

  4. questionButton or Joystick is sticking or not working? L@@K HERE!
    The first thing you want to do is test the X-Arcade™ using the X-Arcade™ Test Utility program. This program can be run on a PC only, but should still be your first step to solving any problems. Download X-Arcade™ Test Utility Program If all of the buttons and joystick direc ...

  5. questionAdvanced BYO Kit installation diagram with wiring schematic.
    X-Arcade™ BYO Kit Advanced Installation Diagram Click to Download Wiring pinout for Mode switch and PCB-Cable. Old Serial-PS/2 Cable Pinout Here Trackball wiring: The Trackball assembly may look complicated because it has many wires and connectors coming out of it, but there actual ...