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  1. questionAtari Anniversary Edition Help
    Using The X-Arcade with Atari Anniversary Edition NOTE: Skip any menus that ask you to install Direct X, a new version will already be installed in any modern Windows operating system. Be sure the X-Arcade is in Mode 1. Put the CD in the PC tray. If Autorun is enabled the main menu will pop up. ...

  2. questionTrackball Assembly Installation Instructions
    The Trackball assembly may look complicated because it has many wires and connectors coming out of it, but there actually only 5 types of wires with several duplicates of each. Here are the functions for each wire color respectively :: Black = All black wires are ground (use a ground with each ...

  3. questionHow can I extend the X-Arcade cables?
    BUTTONS/JOYS: The X-Arcade USB cable for the buttons/joys is very sensitive and cannot be extended with just a standard USB extension cable. Instead use an active USB Repeater Extension Cable. You can also extend the cable when using the PS/2 connection by getting either a longer serial cable, b ...

  4. questionHow do I use the X-Arcadeā„¢ on my laptop?
    It is usually best to simply use the USB connection for laptops. It is also important to make sure NUMLOCK is ON (otherwise Joy1 will act as arrow keys instead of NUMPAD numbers). To turn NumLock on with a laptop, usually you will find a blue colored "Fn" key that must be held while pressing an ...

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