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  1. questionX-Arcade Machine Setup Guide, Manual and Support
    Step One: Please Read the X-Arcade™ Machine Manual The manual provides an overview of how to setup and use your Machine, including pictures of how to install the Controller Tray and get everything up and running. This below page explains how to setup the PC and basic troubleshooting. You ...

  2. questionX-Arcade Arcade2TV Showcase Pedestal Setup Guide, Manual and Support
    Step One: The X-Arcade Tankstick manual will explain the basic controls of the X-Arcade. If you plan on using Playstation 2 (Select Models Only) get help with Playstation 2 controls. Step Two: Quick Guide For Getting The Computer Installed: PLEASE READ THE MANUAL AND BELOW GUIDE BEFORE TURNING A ...

  3. questionX-Arcade "Lumber Jacques" Setup Guide, Manual and Support
    X-Arcade "Lumber Jacques" Setup Guide: PLEASE READ THE GUIDE BELOW BEFORE TURNING ANYTHING ON The PC is shipped separately from the cabinet, here is how to get things up and running: NOTE: The keys can be found in the coin slot. You will be connecting a total of 3 USB cables to the PC, a power c ...

  4. questionX-Arcade™ Tankstick Manual
    X-Arcade™ Tankstick Manual

  5. questionX-Arcade™ Dual & Solo Joystick Manual
    X-Arcade™ Dual & Solo Joystick - English - Spanish - French

  6. questionBuild Your Own Arcade Kit Manual
    Build Your Own Arcade Kit Manual Advanced BYO Kit color installation diagram with wiring schematic.

  7. question5in1 X-Adapter Help & Instructions - PlayStation 1 & 2, Wii, GameCube, and Dreamcast
    Download Manual | Printable Layouts | Instructions | Troubleshooting IMPORTANT – READ BEFORE INSTALLATION DO NOT plug the 2in1 X-Adapter™ into more than one console at a time. Doing so may damage the X-Adapter™. You must make sure you screw in BOTH serial cable screws on bot ...

  8. question2in1 X-Adapter Help & Instructions - PlayStation 3 & Original Xbox- PS3
    Download Manual | Printable Layouts | Instructions | Troubleshooting NOTE: Sony® has previously attempted in the past to 'block' third-party hardware via Firmware Updates. Before updating your PlayStation 3 firmware, please visit this page. Though we have done everything possible to avoid ...

  9. questionX-Arcade™ Installation Guide
    The X-Arcade™ was built with internal electronics to be compatible with the major past, present and FUTURE game systems. as well as any PC with no special drivers required. Once you own the X-Arcade™controller, you will never need to buy another arcade joystick again! Use it for lif ...

  10. questionX-Arcade Coin Door Manual & Cutout Template
    NOTE: The coin door switch uses different pins than those in our controllers. You will want to use the 2 outside pins on the switch and do not use the center pin on the switch. X-Arcade Coin Door Manual X-Arcade Coin Door Cutout Template NOTE: If printing, be sure to turn off page scaling. To m ...

  11. questionXbox 360™ Adapter Button Layout and Instructions
    We now offer a PlayStation 2™ to Xbox 360™ adapter, it requires one of our PlayStation 2 or 5in1 X-Adapters. Our Xbox 360™ ™ adapter will also allow you to use many other PS2 controllers on your Xbox 360™. Click here to order an Xbox 360™ adapter for the X-Ar ...

  12. questionAtari Anniversary Edition Help
    Using The X-Arcade with Atari Anniversary Edition NOTE: Skip any menus that ask you to install Direct X, a new version will already be installed in any modern Windows operating system. Be sure the X-Arcade is in Mode 1. Put the CD in the PC tray. If Autorun is enabled the main menu will pop up. ...

  13. questionX-Arcade™ Trackball Manual
    X-Arcade™ Trackball Manual

  14. questionWells Gardner D9800 and D9400 27" Arcade Monitor Manual
    Manuals, Spec sheets, Schematics, and Troubleshooting for all Wells Gardner monitors can be found here: They also offer great support if needed here:

  15. questionMidway™ Arcade Classics CD
    Midway™ Arcade Classics CD