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  1. questionTest Your X-Arcade™ First! - Online Test Utility Program
    We have created the X-Arcade™ Test Utility Program to test the buttons and directions on the X-Arcade™ (microswitches), proper connection to the PC, as well as verifying that it is ready for MAME™. Even if you are having a problem on a game console, this test will help determi ...

  2. questionHow can I play pinball games like Visual Pinball and Future Pinball with the X-Arcade?
    The X-Arcade works brilliantly with Pinball Emulators due to the native Pinball Side Buttons on the X-Arcade. The Tankstick version has DUAL PINBALL BUTTONS. For the Tankstick: 2 of the buttons are native for mouse and many pinball games such as Visual Pinball that do not have native mouse butt ...

  3. questionHow can I disable 'Sticky Keys' and 'Filter Keys'?
    The 'Sticky Keys' shortcut is activated by hitting the Shift key on your keyboard or button 4 on the X-Arcade 5 times. The 'Filter Keys' shortcut is activated by holding the Shift key on your keyboard or button 4 on the X-Arcade for 8 seconds. To disable them: Hit the Shift key 5 times to acti ...