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  1. questionTest Your X-Arcade™ First! - Online Test Utility Program
    We have created the X-Arcade™ Test Utility Program to test the buttons and directions on the X-Arcade™ (microswitches), proper connection to the PC, as well as verifying that it is ready for MAME™. Even if you are having a problem on a game console, this test will help determi ...

  2. questionAdvanced MAME™ Configuration & Config File Download
    NOTE: If you are new to MAME™, we recommend following our easy procedures (for PC and Mac) for using the X-Arcade™ with MAME™. But if you are familiar with MAME™ already or are PC savvy, follow these steps to get the X-Arcade working with your version of MAME™. TEST ...

  3. questionEmulation on Game Consoles
    Emulation isn't only for PC anymore. You can now play many emulators including MAME on nearly every game console. This usually requires the console to either have a modchip or to be softmodded (software-hacked). Here is some basic information to on emulation on game consoles. Original Xbox: Coi ...

  4. questionGreat Games To Play With Your X-Arcade Trackball™
    Trackball Games

  5. questionHow to play ANY emulator, game, or other program with the X-Arcade.
    On a PC or Mac™, the buttons and joysticks are assigned to keyboard and mouse keys, think of the X-Arcade™ as an integrated keyboard (and if you have a trackball, it just acts like a mouse). When you press a button on the X-Arcade™ your computer thinks you are pressing a key on ...

  6. questionHow can I use more than one X-Arcade™ (4-player) at a time on my PC or game console?
    PC/MAC: You can plug in up to 2 X-Arcade™ dual controllers or 4 X-Arcade™ Solo 1-Player controllers on your PC or Mac.You can connect all of them into USB ports, or plug one X-Arcade™ into the PS/2 port and any others into USB ports. You cannot plug one X-Arcade™ into an ...