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New: X-Arcade Electronics USB Upgrade Kit

First generation X-Arcade Joysticks only outputted and connected to a Keyboard PS/2 port. With the evolution of the computer industry, these ports have been phased out and most devices connect via USB. All Current generation X-Arcade Joysticks can connect to a computer via Keyboard PS/2 and USB, so this kit will upgrade any 1st generation/older PS-2 Keyboard Only X-Arcade to USB output/connection.

Add USB Support To 1st Generation X-Arcade!

Get yourself the most current generation technology used in the X-Arcade with a kit allowing you to directly connect your X-Arcade to any computer via included USB Cable. The bundle includes both PCB and the USB Cable. You will need to pop open the bottom of the X-Arcade, disconnect the jumper cables from old PCB and replace. The entire process should take about 10 min and requires little or no technical experience.

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Add Current Generation Joystick

Upgrade To Current Generation X-Arcade Electronics!

Older model X-Arcades cannot connect via USB, this board includes all electronics and cables to allow you direct connection to any computer's USB port, just like a current generation keyboard. Works With All Previous, Current And Future X-Arcade Adapter Versions (Sold Separately)  

What's The Difference Between This And USB Adapter?

If you buy the USB PCB upgrade, you'll have the most current electronics in all X-Arcades and have USB support.  If you buy the USB Adapter, you don't need to open anything up, but can add USB support to an older X-Arcade. Both work with all versions of X-Arcade and all versions of adapters.  So if you just want USB support, the USB adapter is the easiest method to achieve it. 

Why Does This New Board Have A PS-2 Connection?

This current generation upgrade board can output to a computer with either USB port, or older keyboard PS-2 port.   It also has a PS-2 INPUT port for you to connect a PS-2 keyboard to program the X-Arcade. No USB inputs are available.  

The OLD PS-2 PCB Required Keyboard Connection, Does The NEW USB One?

The 1st generation X-Arcade PS-2 PCB required a Keyboard connected via the PS-2 Keyboard input to operate. This new version USB PCB DOES NOT REQUIRED any keyboard to be connected to the X-Arcade PCB. You connect directly from the X-Arcade PCB to any available USB port.

How Many X-Arcade Versions Exist?

Only (2) X-Arcade Versions exist, the first generation with PS-2 Only, and the "current" generation used in all X-Arcade sold that have built-in USB support.  This kit will upgrade the 1st generation X-Arcade you own to have the same electronics as the current version. 


  • X-Arcade Joystick & Screwdriver
  • Compatible With 1st Generation X-Arcade

Do I Need This Upgrade?

If you DO NOT HAVE A USB Connection/Cable with your X-Arcade, you can purchase this upgrade.  If you have any doubts about which version X-Arcade you have, before purchasing, please see this image here.  (If you have PS-2, you can buy this to upgrade to USB).

What's Included

  • X-Arcade™ BYO Upgrade PCB 
  • PS/2 Keyboard And USB Dongle
  • Connect Via PS/2 or USB (Includes cables)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty
  • Toll Free And Online Live Technical Support

See video on how to do this replacement 

What's included

New: X-Arcade Electronics USB Upgrade Kit