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X-Arcade USB Adapter: Computer Only

Convert your 1st generation X-Arcade with PS-2 Keyboard-only output to connect to any USB PORT. Third-party PS-2 - USB Adapters will not work and this official adapter adds instant USB support on any OS. This is the easiest and lowest-cost option to add USB support to your original first-generation X-Arcade.

Add USB Support To 1st Generation X-Arcade!

Connect your 1st generation, NON-USB X-Arcade to any computer via included USB Cable. Supports any OS, works like a standard USB HID Keyboard and is recognized by any operating system. Unlike your 1st generation X-Arcade, no Keyboard PS-2 keyboard needs to be connected to your X-Arcade. While USB support is provided, it is only functional with a computer (PC/MAC), not a game system with USB support.

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Upgrade To Current Generation X-Arcade Electronics!

This board includes all electronics and cables to allow you direct connection to any computer's USB port, just like a current generation keyboard.  No PS-2 Keyboard REQUIRED!

This current generation upgrade board can output to a computer with either USB port, or older keyboard PS-2 port. 

What's The Difference Between This And PCB Upgrade?

This is an external USB Adapter which connects to the X-Arcade's included game console serial cable. You only need connect this cable to the adapter, then to your USB port for USB support. The USB PCB Upgrade is a replacement electronics board and requires you to open your X-Arcade to replace your old board with the current generation version (which has USB support).   Which one should you buy?  If you buy the USB PCB upgrade, you'll have the most current electronics in all X-Arcades and have USB support.  If you buy the USB Adapter, you don't need to open anything up, but can add USB support to an older X-Arcade. Both work with all versions of X-Arcade and all versions of adapters.

NO PS-2 Keyboard Required

The 1st generation X-Arcade PS-2 PCB required a Keyboard connected via the PS-2 Keyboard input to operate. This new version USB ADAPTER DOES NOT REQUIRE any keyboard to be connected to the X-Arcade PCB. You connect directly from the X-Arcade PCB to this adapter, then to any available USB port.

X-Arcade usb adapter


Do I Need This Upgrade?

If you DO NOT HAVE A USB Connection/Cable with your X-Arcade, you can purchase this upgrade.  If you have any doubts about which version X-Arcade you have, before purchasing, please see this image here.  (If you have PS-2, you can buy this to upgrade to USB).

What's Included

X-Arcade USB Adapter: Computer Only