Arcade Joysticks and Game Controllers


Get your nostalgia fix with this authentic arcade panel and trackball designed to inject the arcade experience into any home computer or video game console. Play side by side your closest friends and family, no quarters needed! Relive arcade classics on any computer!

Relive Arcade Classics With Built In Trackball!

Your Tankstick™ is an indestructible beast which lets you relive classic arcade games like Galaga™, Ms. Pacman™, and gaggles of others on ANY computer. Works out of the box with any computer (USB Cable) or use with any game console (game console adapters sold separately)

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Slide behind an X-Arcade™ Dual Joystick, it's like having your own personal little time machine. Relive the arcade classics that you used to enjoy in the arcade back in the 80's. It literally feels like a real arcade machine cabinet.

2 Player Unbreakable Controller Built To Last

Experience button mashing utopia, side by side with your closest friends and family in the comforts of your own home. In addition to retro-gaming goodness on your computer: your X-Arcade™ can be used with any computer or game system and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty! Each X-Arcade Dual Joystick comes bundled with a USB Cable. No drivers needed, works with any game!

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The Indestructible Universal Arcade Joystick

Pick a favorite game, plug in this bad boy, and proceed to unload a can of whoop-a** on all your buddies, family members, unsuspecting children, or small furry pets. Unbreakable American-designed parts and special game console adapters inject the X-Arcade™ into your favorite game system.

The Most Versatile And Authentic Joystick Available

Measuring in at 11 inches from side to side and built with 12 LBS of industrial- grade materials, the X-Arcade Solo makes it feel like you're using a real arcade machine. You don't have to take our word for it either, we back up its bullet-proof physique with a Lifetime Warranty. USB cable included (Computer-Only). Limited Quantity Remaining: MSRP $99, 1/2 Off

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