Arcade Parts and Accessories

X-Arcade Wiring Harness

Wiring harness for X-Arcade PCB to wire X-Arcade joysticks and buttons to the PCB. Recommended for replacement of your existing wiring harness or if your project using an X-Arcade PCB requires wider/longer wires/cables. This includes extra wire connections so you can have longer connections to your installation.

What's included:

No external cables (USB or Serial) are included.

How to extend the wires on your X-Arcade BYO or X-Arcade PCB

If you need to extend the wires for your particular project, you will need to splice the wire (meaning cut it and add wire). The easiest way to do this is to purchase this X-Arcade Wiring harness, which will allow you to cut the wire with connectors already attached for our PCB.   These cables DO NOT EXTEND your cables/wires, you must splice them. 

You can alternatively buy some 20awg wire and simply add it to the wire you already have. You can connect 2 wires together by eiher using a) butt connectors, b) wire nuts, or c) solder and heat shring tubing. 

Here is a video showing these methods.