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Wells Gardner 27" Arcade Monitor: NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION


Please note, due to limited demand for CRT technology, Wells Gardner has discontinued all CRT monitors with no plans to start again. We cannot currently, nor anytime in the future be able to source Wells Gardner CRTs. We have kept this page online due to the numerous inquires we receive about availability.

The good news is that we've found a great replacement: please see the 29" CRT Monitor or HD LCD here.


Specs For 27" Wells Gardner Digital Monitor

Schematics Specs Manual PCB Board

*Documentation is for the older 9400

Common Questions

How is your pricing so competitive?

A: We are using this same monitor in the X-Arcade Machine, so our volume provides a very competitive price.

What is a Monitor Bezel?

A: A bezel is the decorative black plastic material which covers the areas outside of the monitor glass to give a clean appearance to any cabinet. This bezel can be purchased and used with any 27" flat screen monitor. If you are replacing the monitor "only" and you already had a flat-screen monitor/bezel, you won't need to include the bezel. If this is a new project, or you are switching from standard to flat screen, you will need the bezel for $39.95

What Machines can this be used to replaced?

A: You can use this to replace any 25-27" commercial arcade machine and upgrade to the new digital flat screen.  This is also the monitor of choice for creating a MAME Arcade Machine Cabinet.  Please note you will need to purchase the flat-screen bezel for enclosing the monitor.

Should I use this display for the Mame Machine I'm building?

A: If your intent is to play classic arcade games, there is no better option. It's the industry standard, most authentic arcade monitor available. Lower-priced options exist, but none provide a performance even close to the Wells.  

Should I use an HDTV or Plasma/LCD?

A: This is by far the most misinformed question we receive. Other solutions using LCD or Plasma HDTV come nowhere close to delivering an authentic arcade experience.

HDTV displays are designed for the "16:9 Aspect Ratio," games will be displayed in blacked-out vertical stripes (Letterbox) on each side of the screen, and not provide authentic scanlines.

HDTV displays are incapable of displaying in the original arcade resolution and refresh rates from the 70's and 80's. The Wells is a tri-sync display, a small feature which is not incredibly expensive, but simply not available on any HDTV on the planet.

Leave your next generation game system connected to your big screen HDTV, use a real arcade monitor for your arcade machine.

Do I need any special transformer or adapter to power my D9800?

A: No. The Wells Gardner 27" arcade monitor plugs directly into an ordinary power outlet, just like any other computer monitor.

Do I need any special adapter for my computer?

A: No. The display plugs directly into your computer's video card. Note: The connection is VGA, not DVI.

Do I need to use scanlines with the D9800?

A: No. The display has natural scanlines; no software scanlines are necessary, providing authentic and realistic visuals.

Do I have to do anything extra to run Windows™ or OSX™ on the D9800?

A: No. The D9800 can run any os just like a standard computer monitor.

Can the D9800 display 32bit color?

A: Yes. The D9800 can handle 256-32bit color.

Can I play games or watch DVD movies on my D9800?

A: Of course, this is merely an industrial grade computer monitor.

How do I get my D9800 to run in EGA or CGA mode?

A: The D9800 features a change over adapter to allow for strict CGA or EGA input.

What is the warranty and how does it work?

A: If your monitor breaks within 12 months, we either ship replacement parts or a replacement. We also provide a pre-paid return shipping label so you don't incur any costs returning the defective unit. (48 States Only) Interational customers are responsbile for all shipping charges both ways.

How big is the 27" D9800?

A: 24" wide, 22" tall, 20" deep. Display size is 28.5", 27" viewable.

What are shipping charges?

A: The charge in USA 48 States is $69.95

What are the box weight/dimensions?

A: Inches: 30" x 24.5" x 23"5, Weight is 50lb. The dimensional weight is 95lbs

Can I come pick this item up to avoid shipping charge?

A: Yes, you can complete your order, then reply to order confirmation requesting a pickup date at our facility in Joilet, IL. A will-call fee applies

Golden tee live

Specs For Geeks:

  • Wells Gardner 9800 Monitor:
  • This is the new flat-screen version, similar to Golden Tee Live Machine
  • Please note this will replace ANY 25-27" and will also fit in an 29" Monitor Machine


  • Input voltage: 90-265 VAC,47-63 Hz.
  • Maximum power: 80 watts type;
  • 95 watts Max.


  • Graphics mode: CGA: 640 X 240
  • EGA: 773 X 384
  • VGA: 640 X 200
  • 640 X 350,
  • 640 X 480
  • SVGA: 800 X 600
  • Video bandwidth: 70 MHz typical .Specification


  • CRT size (diagonal measure): 27",
  • Phosphor type: P22
  • Color Temperature: 9300ºK /8500K ± 300ºK/User Adjustable
  • Dot trio spacing: 0.83 mm (27"), 0.92mm (33")

Input Signals

  • Video Input connector 1:15 pin D-sub high density male
  • VGA compatible Analog .7 to 1volt level with 75 Ohm input
  • Video Input connector 2: 10 pin connector Analog 2.2 to 4 volt level at 250/350 Ohm
  • CGA/EGA 0.156 center header. Sync type: TTL & Standard CGA / EGA / VGA/ sync (positive or negative).
  • Sync input: Separate or composite sync from 1 volt to 5 volt input
  • Sync Input Impedance: 2.2K Ohm (H sync and V sync)
  • Horiz. / Vert. sync frequency: 15.75 to 40 KHz / 40 to 100 Hz.

Light Output

  • 70 Ft-L min. (center block)


  • Horizontal linearity: Less than 7% Vertical linearity: Less than 5%
  • Picture size regulation: 2%
  • Geometric distortion: ±2% max.

User Controls Digitally Controlled

  • Brightness, contrast, horizontal position, vertical position, horizontal size, vertical size, pin cushion, trapezoid, bow, parallel, OSD H position,OSD V position, OSD timer, degauss, color , language, Recall (factory reset), exit. Tilt, OSD menu
  • Automatic Degauss: Manual Degauss, OSD menu.

Important Terms

CGA: Stands for computer graphics adapter. This is a computer standard for video and sync signals going to a monitor. Also known as standard resolution which means using a horizontal frequency of 15KHZ.(KHZ is thousands of cycles per second of signal)

Control Board:  As the name suggests this board has the different controls for the monitor on it. The board is connected to the chassis or (deflection board) by a ring cable assembly. Some of the controls are for brightness or (black level), contrast, horizontal size, vertical size, and vertical hold. This board is sometimes called "The satellite board", by people in the field, repairing monitors.

CRT: Stands for cathode ray tube, which is the picture tube. Some people will refer to the whole monitor as the CRT or the CRT display.

Medium Resolution: Sometimes referred to as "Mid Res", is a monitor that has a horizontal frequency of 25KHZ. (K8000, U5000, K7500, 33K3201).

Standard Resolution: Sometimes referred to as "Low Res", is a monitor that operates at 15KHZ horizontal frequency. (U2000, K7000, K7200, K7300, K7400)

VGA: Stands for video graphics adapter and includes various modes of resolution. The monitors that operate at VGA will work in modes 1,2, and 3 and some will work in mode 4, which is SVGA or SUPER VGA (800x600 mode)

Ideal replacement for ANY 25", 27" or 29" commercial-grade Arcade Machine

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