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Wells Gardner 26" LCD Arcade Monitor: 9000 (YOU CANNOT ORDER)

Industrial Grade LCD Arcade Monitor

We scoured the planet for the best 26" LCD Arcade Monitor available and came up with this official replacement for the discontinued arcade standard 9000 Series CRT Arcade Monitor. Versatile enough to run your favorite classic arcade video games, replace existing displays and easily connects to any computer as a standard VGA monitor.

LCD Display Supports 1366 x 768 Resolution!

In addition to CGA to VGA capability, higher 1080I HD resolution makes this kit a very practical replacement choice as well as a stylish upgrade to previous CRT Arcade Monitors.


Wells Gardner 26" LCD Arcade Monitor: 9000  (YOU CANNOT ORDER) Photo

Bezel & Bracket System

Great Replacement For Your Existing Tri-Mode CRT!

Looking to replace or upgrade your existing old-school CRT monitor in your machine?  This is a great replacement for nearly any 24, 25 or 27" CRT Arcade Monitor.   This display is multi-sync and is compatible with resolutions of CGA, EGA, VGA.  (old-school and brand new arcade cabinets).
If you add the bezel/mounting kit it will allow upgrade/replacement of a a 25" or 27" display.   

Example applications: Ideal replacement for:

  • Cruis'N Franchise (USA/WORLD/EXOTICA)
  • Hydro-Thunder, Off Road Thunder,
  • Blitz, NBA Showtime, Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legacy, 
  • PGA Tour Golf,
  • Golden Tee Golf (GT Fore cabinets and before) and Silver Strike Bowling
  • Sit-down games, Off-Road Thunder, California Speed, Gold Rush, etc. 

Contact us to verify compatibility with another machine

Specs For 26" Wells Gardner LCD Arcade Monitor



The maximum width of the monitor is 25.998 660.35 mm, and the width of the active area of the display is 575.77 mm.

Common Questions

How is your pricing so competitive?

A: We are an approved Wells distributor and use their monitors in our X-Arcade Machine, so our volume provides a very competitive price.

What is a Monitor Bezel?

A: A bezel is the decorative black plastic material which covers the areas outside of the monitor glass to give a clean appearance to any cabinet. The OPTIONAL bracketing system and bezel are not required, but if yo do not purchase, you will need to find a method to mount yourself.

What Machines can this be used to replaced?

A: You can use this to replace your commercial arcade machine and upgrade to a new digital LCD screen with upgraded resolution.  Depending on the size of your existing monitor and bracket system, you will need to modify your brackets to support the new dimension monitor. Please see the spec sheet for more information. 

Do I need any special adapter for my computer?

A: No. The display plugs directly into your computer's video card. Note: The connection is VGA, not DVI.

Do I have to do anything extra to run Windows™ or OSX™

A: No. This runs on any os just like a standard computer monitor.

Can I play games or watch DVD movies?

A: Of course, this is merely an industrial grade computer monitor.

How do I get my monitor to run in EGA or CGA mode?

A: The monitor features a change over adapter to allow for strict CGA or EGA input.

What is the warranty and how does it work?

A: If your monitor breaks within 12 months, we either ship replacement parts or a replacement. We also provide a pre-paid return shipping label so you don't incur any costs returning the defective unit. (48 States Only) Interational customers are responsbile for all shipping charges both ways.

What are shipping charges?

A: The charge in USA 48 States is $29.99, but in the case of a return, you will be responsible for return shipping costs AND the outbound shipping fee.

Specs For Geeks:

  • Wells Gardner 26" LCD Arcade Monitor:
  • This is the replacement for the discontinued VGA Arcade Monitor

Max. Resolution: 1366 x 768
Contrast Ratio: 2500:1
Brightness: 500 cd/m2
Response Time: ( Tr Tf ) typical: 6.5ms
Viewing Angle: Horiz./Vert.: 176/176o
Video Interface: Composite CGA/EGA/VGA 10 pin game/15 pin VGA
OSD Video Select: Low/High input

Auto Size Adjust: Auto Size & Manual Adj: 30 - 70 kHz VGA 15 - 30 kHz CGA
Power Consumption: 156 watts

Brackets (KIT BEZEL 26LCD)

Ideal replacement for ANY 25", 27" or commercial-grade Arcade Machine

Please note: In the case of a return, you will be responsible for return shipping costs AND the outbound shipping fee of $49 will not be refunded.

Need Some Technical Support Or Help?

Wells Gardner 26" LCD Arcade Monitor: 9000  (YOU CANNOT ORDER)