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X-Arcade Classic Game Cabinet: Mame Ready

Arcade Machine Cabinet: Customize Yourself

The most highly-regarded Classic Arcade Game Cabinet is now available as a game-ready kit for an unbeatable price. Pre-constructed from real arcade parts, just add your own computer or game system for instant arcade action!

Your Own Arcade-No Quarters Needed

Bring back the feel of 80's arcade classics, fighting, racing, pinball and more with a real arcade cabinet in a complete, turnkey solution for a truly authentic arcade experience. Includes the most authentic arcade monitor available with 29" of arcade goodne

Now Shipping With Fully-Functional Coin Door With US Quarter Mech!

Made In USA

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Controller Option

The Ultimate Mame™ Arcade Machine Cabinet!

Featuring a massive 29" Industrial Display measuring in at 32 inches from side to side and 7 FT tall packed with 300 lbs. of heavy-duty industrial grade materials, the X-Arcade™ Mame™ Ready Arcade Machine Cabinet is a true arcade console.

Designed exclusivey for use with the popular Mame™ Arcade Emulator, relive thousands of classic arcade games with the indestructible controls of an X-Arcade™.

You don’t have to take our word for it either, we back up its bullet-proof physique with a Lifetime Warranty. Imagine playing your favorite arcade classics and fighting games just like a real arcade cabinet — No quarters needed!

Convert Any Game System To An Arcade Machine!

Niftyy USB Cables are included to connect your included X-Arcade Tankstick + Trackball ($200 Value) to any computer (PC/Mac/Linux/Unix).

X-Arcade™ Console Adapters are also available for purchase for all major game systems! Immediately and effortlessly connect inside your X-Arcade™ MAME™ Ready Arcade Machine Cabinet and control your favorite game console titles with an arcade machine.

Just add each game console adapter to your shopping cart when you checkout.

No other arcade joystick can guarantee support for past, present and FUTURE game systems!

Using With MAME

We do not provide any advice, tips, links or help on MAME ROMS or games, so please do not ask.

X-Arcade™ MAME™ Ready Arcade Machine Cabinet Benefits

  • Inject Arcade Gaming Into Your Home Gameroom With Massive Display
  • The Ultimate MAME™ Ready Arcade Machine Cabinet
  • Play Your Existing Games Through X-Arcade™ Tankstick, Gamepad Or Any Controller
  • Play Thousands Of Arcade Classics
  • Constructed Identically To An Industrial Grade Arcade Machine
  • Includes Award Winning X-Arcade Tankstick
  • No Assembly Required: Ships On A Standard Palette via US Freight
  • Arcade Bezel And Real Non-Operational Coin-Door For True Arcade Experience
  • Handles And Wheels For Easy Transport Inside Your Home Or Office
  • Lockable Keyboard Tray Keeps Valuables Safe
  • New Design Features 22MM Thick, Indestructible Materials
  • Trackball Can Be Used On Any Game Supporting A Mouse
  • Dual Joystick + Buttons Work On With Existing X-Arcade Adapters
  • Toll Free Technical Support, Idiot-Proof Setup & Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty (Monitor 1 Year)

What Is The Difference From $2599 X-Arcade Machine

  • You provide game console/computer
  • Does not include classic arcade games
  • You should consider this configuration if you can plug in your own computer/game system OR are looking to build a MAME™ arcade machine cabinet.


  • Machine Height: 75"; Width: 32" (with panel) Depth 43" . You can remove the control panel so machine easily fits inside any door. Width becomes "28

Includes Dual Tankstick With Trackball

Includes Dual Tankstick With Trackball

Award winning controls dubbed "best arcade joystick" by game reviewers world-wide serve as the brains of your machine, allowing you to relive arcade classics OR add any of your favorite game systems to control them through the X-Arcade™ Machine.

Imagine playing your favorite arcade classics, fast-paced action/arcade titles and fighting games just like a real arcade cabinet — with no quarters needed!

Supports Open-Source Emulators

Your X-Arcade Machine™ also supports open-source emulators, so you can easily and effortlessly add new games or systems Due to legal implications of loading emulators and games without licenses, we cannot provide instructions or support how/where to download any roms or games.

Play Modern Game Console Games, Too

Since your X-Arcade™ Machine can control any game console, you can transform your favorite next generation games from cheapo, plastic gamepad experiences to a real arcade experience.  You can connect up to 4 different game systems to your machine and play using the X-Arcade Controls!

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Dude, what are you waiting for? Your wife to give you permission? No problem, we got your back.

Excuses to Buy

We don't need to provide lots of excuses to buy this beastly authentic arcade. It is single-handily the most authentic and flexible arcade machine available on the planet. Your machine is built around the largest CRT Arcade Monitor available at 29". Your arcade games will look exactly like they did in the 80s in their original resolution, even with the original scanlines. Beware of classic arcade games using an LCD monitor.

X-Arcade Machine Video Review

What's Included

  • Control Panel With Pinball Buttons And Trackball
  • Surround-Speakers With Subwoofer + Easily Accessible Audio Control
  • Fully-Functional Iron Coin-Door-
  • Video And Audio Control System For Computer & Game Consoles
  • Sliding/Lockable Keyboard Drawer
  • 2 Rear Locking (Vented) Access Panels
  • Video Game Switch Box (Use Your Game Console Video/Audio On The CRT
  • X-Arcade Controller Switch Box For 4 Systems At Once
  • 110V Rear Cooling Fan
  • 29" CRT Authentic Monitor (1 Year Warranty)
  • Pre-Wired Power Strip Controlled From Main Power On Rear Of Machine
  • Tempered Glass Arcade Bezel
  • Tempered Glass Protective Screen
  • Internal Shelving System For Computers/Game Consoles
  • Connectors included: USB and Keyboard/Mouse PS/2
  • Control Panel Clamps & Hinge
  • Steel Monitor Mounting Brackets
  • Powder-Coated Marquee For Pass-Through Audio
  • Storage Area Behind Marquee For Games/Media/Audio
  • Rear Cabinet Handle
  • Industrial-Grade Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Cabinet Legs

Comparing To X-Arcade Machine With 250+ Games?

The X-Arcade Machine With 250 Arcade Classics is a ready-to-play arcade game with pre-included list of 250 classic games. This is a commercial-grade arcade shell which simply needs you to add some arcade love by installing your own computer or game system and using with your own supplied games. No games or game system/computer are included.

What's Not Included?

  • You provide game console/computer
  • This does not include classic arcade games
  • You should consider this configuration if you can plug in your own computer/game system OR are looking to build a MAME™ arcade machine cabinet.

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X-Arcade Classic Game Cabinet: Mame Ready

X-Arcade Classic Game Cabinet: Mame Ready Photo


Controller Option

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USA Threshold Delivery: $499

USA Inside Delivery: $749

Canada - $699

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