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X-Arcade Machine Cabinet With 250+ Arcade Classics


Passionately designed to provide endless hours of fun experiences for your family and friends — The X-Arcade™ Machine allows you to relive arcade classics AND take control of next-generation games — from a full-sized, real arcade machine! Features the largest and most authentic arcade monitor available. Plug in and start playing 250+ arcade classics!


Relive 80's arcade legends in their purest and most authentic form with the exact same parts of a commercial-grade arcade machine. Enjoy arcade action with 250+ included classic games! Now includes built-in embedded computer with Wi-Fi, arcade interface, + support for 10 Game Systems. The most authentic and flexible arcade machine available! See complete list of 250+games here

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Customization Options

The Past , Present, And Future In One Device

Relive arcade classics from one machine! Start with the included 250+ classic arcade games, and relive arcade legends like: Pac-Man,™ Space Invaders,™ Robotron,™ Galaga,™ Joust,™ and Street Fighter™.

And don't worry about breaking it, it's built like a friggin tank.

Everything You'll Ever Need

You'll find competing machines with far less games, limited upgrade game functionality or costly game pack add-on and machines which are not serviceable. The X-Arcade™ Machine is powered by the award-winning X-Arcade™ Joystick, so if your joysticks, buttons or trackball fail--you are always covered by a lifetime replacement warranty!

The X-Arcade's™ Machine is the most flexible and authentic arcade machine available.

With built-in Wi-Fi you can freely download your favorite classic arcade game of all time and enjoy an authentic arcade experience with a single menu for accessing all your classic games! Oh yeah, it's also the only arcade machine on the market that can also control up to 10 different game consoles like Xbox 360™, PS3™ and Wii U™.

The Most Authentic Arcade Monitor Available

Your X-Arcade™ Machine uses a completely authentic industrial-grade, 29" CRT Arcade Monitor. so you can play classic arcade games exactly as they were designed!

Your favorite arcade video games will come to life with visuals more authentic than any other arcade machine. We use a CRT (and not a low-cost LCD) to provide the most authentic and nostalgic experience available.

Need Help Getting An X-Arcade Machine?

Persuading Your Wife To Approve Your X-Arcade Machine

Customer-Designed Artwork

If you decide to order customer-designed custom artwork on your machine, here's the artwork template. Send us back the file, we'll print up and apply to your machine for you. See artwork sample here

X-Arcade™ Machine 3.0 Benefits

  • Inject Arcade Gaming Into Your Home Gameroom
  • Industrialized BRAND NEW Embedded Computer (3 Year Warranty)
  • Easily Add Your Own Games
  • Full-sized, Industrial-Grade 3" Trackball For Games Like Marble Madness, Golf and More
  • Relive Your Favorite Classic Games ( Includes 250+ Classic Games )
  • Relive Arcade Legends Through A Single Arcade Cabinet
  • Future Proof World's Only Arcade Machine Compatible With Past, Present And Future Game Consoles
  • Full-sized, Industrial-Grade 3" Trackball For Games Like Marble Madness, Golf and More
  • Massive 29" CRT Industrial-Grade Arcade Monitor
  • Play Your Existing Games Through X-Arcade™ Control System
  • Play Head To Head Fighting, Sports And Arcade Titles
  • Authentic Industrial Cabinet Design
  • Includes 565lbs Of High Quality Arcade Machine Parts
  • Powered By The Award Winning X-Arcade Control System With Trackball, 2 Players + Pinball Access Buttons
  • Made In USA - Ships On A Standard Palette via US Freight
  • Fully-Functional USA Currency Quarter Coin Door: (Not Wired and Not Allowed For Commercial Use)
  • Handles And Wheels For Easy Transport Inside Your Home Or Office
  • Lockable Keyboard Tray With Plenty Of Storage Space
  • The Most Upgradeable And Flexible Arcade Machine Available


  • Machine Height: 75"; Width: 32" (with panel) Depth 43" . You can remove the control panel so machine easily fits inside any door. Width becomes "28.
  • New Flat Screen: Weiya 29" CRT Arcade Monitor
  • Compare To Other Arcade Machines Using 19"-25" Tiny Displays
  • Authentic Arcade CRT Display

Includes Dual Tankstick With Trackball

Includes Dual Tankstick With Trackball

Award winning controls dubbed "best arcade joystick" by game reviewers world-wide serve as the brains of your machine, allowing you to relive arcade classics OR add any of your favorite game systems to control them through the X-Arcade™ Machine.

Imagine playing your favorite arcade classics, fast-paced action/arcade titles and fighting games just like a real arcade cabinet — with no quarters needed! Play with any of the included 250+ arcade legends or use the built-in Wi-Fi to freely download and install thousand of arcade classics yourself.

X-Arcade Machine Now 250+ Arcade Games

The Largest Collection Of Any Arcade Cabinet

Your X-Arcade Machine™ includes over 250+ of the greatest arcade games from the Golden Age of arcade gaming. 

100% Authentic Arcade Games - Just Like The Old Days

Dragon's Lair®

Namco® Museum

  • Pac-Man®*
  • Ms. Pac-Man®
  • Galaga®
  • Galaxian®
  • Pole Position®
  • Dig Dug'®
  • Pole Position 2®
  • Rolling Thunder®
  • Rally-X®
  • Bosconian®
  • Dragon Sprit®
  • Sky Kid®
  • Xevious®

Capcom® Classics

  • Street Fighter 2®
  • Street Fighter 2® Hyper Fighting
  • Street Fighter 2® Championship Edition
  • Ghost N Goblins®
  • Ghouls N Ghosts®
  • Super Ghouls N Ghosts®
  • Legendary Wings®
  • Bionic Commando®
  • Forgotten World®
  • Section Z®
  • 1941®
  • 1942®
  • 1943®
  • Merc®
  • Commando®
  • Exed Exes®
  • Gun Smoke®
  • Son Son®
  • Final Fight®
  • Vulgus®

SNK® Arcade Classics

  • Art of Fighting™
  • Baseball Stars 2™
  • Burning Fight™
  • Fatal Fury™
  • King of Fighters '94™
  • King of the Monsters™
  • Last Resort™
  • Magician Lord™
  • Metal Slug
  • Neo Turf Masters™,
  • Samurai Shodown™
  • Sengoku™
  • Shock Troopers™
  • Super Sidekicks 3™
  • Top Hunter™
  • World Heroes™

Midway® Arcade Titles

  • SpyHunter®
  • Defender®
  • Gauntlet®
  • Joust®
  • Paperboy®
  • Rampage®
  • Marble Madness®
  • Robotron 2084®
  • Smash TV®
  • Joust 2®
  • Bubbles®
  • RoadBlasters®
  • Stargate
  • Blaster®
  • Mortal Kombat 2®
  • Mortal Kombat 3®
  • KLAX®
  • SPLAT!®
  • Satan’s Hollow®
  • Vindicators®
  • Root Beer Tapper®
  • A.P.B.®
  • Arch Rivals®
  • Cyberball 2072®
  • Gauntlet 2®
  • Hard Drivin'®
  • Kozmik Kroozr'®
  • NARC®
  • Pit Fighter®
  • Timber®
  • Total Carnage®
  • Wacko®
  • Wizard of Wor®
  • Xenophobe®
  • Xybots®
  • Championship Sprint ®
  • Spy Hunter 2 ®
  • Sinistar®
  • Super Sprint®
  • 720®
  • Toobin'®
  • Rampage World Tour®
  • Rampart®

Atari® Arcade & 2600™ Titles:

  • Asteroids®
  • Asteroids® Deluxe
  • Battlezone®
  • Atari Black Widow™
  • Centipede®
  • Crystal Castles®
  • Gravitar®
  • Liberator™
  • Lunar Lander™
  • Major Havoc™
  • Millipede®
  • Missile Command®
  • Pong®
  • Atari Red Baron™
  • Super Breakout®
  • Atari Space Duel™
  • Tempest™
  • Warlords®
  • Atari Night Driver™
  • Atari 3D Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Atari Adventure™
  • Atari Air•Sea Battle™
  • Asteroids®
  • Atari Video Cube™
  • Backgammon
  • Battlezone®
  • Blackjack™
  • Bowling
  • Breakout®
  • Canyon Bomber™
  • Casino
  • Centipede®
  • Circus Atari™
  • Combat™
  • Crystal Castles®
  • Demons to Diamonds®
  • Desert Falcon™
  • Dodge ’Em™
  • Double Dunk™
  • Flag Capture™
  • Football
  • Fun With Numbers™
  • Golf
  • Gravitar®
  • Hangman
  • Haunted House™
  • Home Run™
  • Human Cannonball™
  • Millipede®
  • Miniature Golf™
  • Missile Command®
  • Off the Wall™
  • Atari Outlaw™
  • Quadrun™
  • Radar Lock™
  • Realsports® Baseball
  • Realsports® Football
  • Realsports® Tennis
  • Realsports® Volleyball
  • Sky Diver™
  • Slot Machine
  • Atari Slot Racers™
  • Atari Space War™
  • Sprintmaster™
  • Star Raiders™
  • Atari Star Ship™
  • Steeplechase™
  • Stellar Track™
  • Atari Street Racer™
  • Atari Submarine Commander™
  • Atari Super Baseball™
  • Super Breakout®
  • Atari Super Football
  • Atari Surround™
  • Swordquest: Earthworld™
  • Swordquest: Fireworld™
  • Swordquest: Waterworld™
  • Video Checkers
  • Video Chess
  • Video Olympics
  • Video Pinball
  • sYars’ Revenge®
  • Atari Math Gran Prix™
  • Atari Maze Craze™

Sega Genesis Classic Collection Gold®

  • Sonic The Hedgehog®
  • Golden Axe®
  • Altered Beast®
  • Comix Zone®
  • Ecco The Dolphin®
  • Gain Ground®
  • Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master®
  • Vectorman®
  • Sonic the Hedgehog®
  • Crack Down®
  • Space Harrier II®
  • Ecco Jr.®
  • Fatal Labyrinth®
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2®
  • Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle®
  • Bonanza Bros.®
  • Super Thunder Blade®
  • ESWAT : City Under Siege®
  • Kid Chameleon®
  • Ristar®
  • Golden Axe 2®
  • Galaxy Force II®
  • Columns®
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2®

Taito:® Arcade Titles

  • Space Invaders®
  • Plump Pop™
  • Jungle Hunt™
  • Rastan™
  • Bubble Bobble®
  • Super Qix®
  • Operation Wolf™
  • New Zealand Story™
  • Rainbow Islands ™
  • Battle Shark™
  • Volfied™
  • Colony 7™
  • Ninja Kids™
  • Electric YoYo™
  • Space Gun®
  • Zoo Keeper®
  • ThunderFox™
  • Elevator Action®
  • Phoenix™
  • Continental Circus™
  • Tube It™
  • Great Swordsman™
  • Return of the Invaders™
  • Gladiator®
  • Tokio™
  • Plotting (aka Flipull)™
  • Space Invaders®
  • Operation Thunderbolt™

Sega Genesis Classic Collection Gold®

  • Bio-Hazard Battle®
  • Columns III: Revenge of Columns®
  • Sword of Vermilion®
  • Virtua Fighter 2®
  • Ecco: The Tides of Time®
  • Alien Storm®
  • Decap Attack®
  • Flicky®
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles®
  • Sonic Spinball®
  • LandStalker®
  • Shining Force®
  • Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair®
  • Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine®
  • Streets of Rage®
  • Streets of Rage 2®
  • Alien Soldier®
  • Light Crusader®
  • Sonic 3D Blast®
  • Gunstar Heroes®
  • Shining Force II®
  • Shining in the Darkness®
  • ToeJam & Earl®
  • ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron®

Supports Open-Source Emulators

Your X-Arcade Machine™ also supports open-source emulators, so you can easily and effortlessly add new games or systems Due to legal implications of loading emulators and games without licenses, we cannot provide instructions or support how/where to download any roms or games.

Play Modern Game Console Games, Too

Since your X-Arcade™ Machine can control any game console, you can transform your favorite next generation games from cheapo, plastic gamepad experiences to a real arcade experience.  You can connect up to 4 different game systems to your machine and play using the X-Arcade Controls!

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Dude, what are you waiting for? Your wife to give you permission? No problem, we got your back.

Excuses to Buy

We don't need to provide lots of excuses to buy this beastly authentic arcade. It is single-handily the most authentic and flexible arcade machine available on the planet. Your machine is built around the largest CRT Arcade Monitor available at 29". Your arcade games will look exactly like they did in the 80s in their original resolution, even with the original scanlines. Beware of classic arcade games using an LCD monitor.

X-Arcade Machine Video Review

What's Included

  • X-Arcade™ Standup Arcade Machine
  • Control Panel With Pinball Buttons And Trackball
  • Built In Wifi Wireless Card For Online Access To Games & Remote Technical Support/Service
  • BRANW NEW Embedded Computer;  Intel
  • 29 " Authentic Real Arcade Monitor (1 Year Warranty)
  • Includes 250+ Classic Games
  • Surround-Speakers With Subwoofer + Easily Accessible Audio Control
  • Fully-Functional Iron Coin-Door-
  • Sliding/Lockable Keyboard Drawer
  • 2 Separate Rear Locking (Vented) Access Panels
  • Rear Cooling Fan
  • Interior Pre-Wired Power Management System
  • Tempered Glass Protective Screen
  • Video And Audio Control System For Computer & Game Consoles
  • 29" Arcade Bezel
  • Internal Shelving System For Multiple Computers/Game Consoles
  • Removable Control Panel
  • Accessible Dual Pinball Buttons On Left/Right Panel
  • Steel Monitor Mounting Brackets
  • Powder-Coated Marquee For Pass-Through Audio
  • Storage Area Behind Marque For Games/Media/Audio
  • Rear Cabinet Handle
  • Industrial-Grade Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Cabinet Legs
  • Toll Free Technical Support
  • Free X-Arcade Adapter For Any Game Systems Of Your Choice
  • Lifetime Warranty On X-Arcade Joystick

Shipping X-Arcade Machine & Arcade2TV

For guaranteed Christmas 2014 delivery, please place your order before December 10th.

Your arcade machine is shipped using top-tier North American freight: Conway, R&L, Roadrunner, Dayton and USF, not Fedex. Orders for in-stock machines ship next business day and arrive based on your distance from Chicago, IL.

Once your arcade game is picked up from our factory, we'll send you a bill of lading with the tracking information and contact info for the freight company so you can proactively schedule the delivery date/time. 

All delivery options provided by our freight partners include a customer inspection and you are permitted to make a request to inspect the entire arcade machine. If any damage is noted on the outside of the box, you must request an inspection and in all cases, note damage on the delivery release form.

Moving Inside Your House

The X-Arcade Machine has a large handle on the top rear and industrial-grade wheels so any 1 person can tilt and move into desired location.  The Arcade2TV has 4 industrial wheels and can be rolled by 1 person or lifted by 2 persons

USA Arcade Machine Shipping:

Threshold Delivery: ($499 X-Arcade Machine / $199 Arcade2TV)

  • Picked up within 1 business day, takes 2-7 business days for delivery. The entire shipment will be moved with a palette jack from the truck into the main entrance of the home/business or the garage, provided there are no stairs or steps, the driveway is not unreasonably long or inclined (more than a few car lengths).  

If the trucking company cannot facilitate threshold delivery for a justifiable reason  (difficult or unsafe for 1 person to move it) the machine will be delivered curbside and you will need to remove from the palette and use the wheels/handle to move machine. 

Inside Delivery ($699 X-Arcade Machine / $499 Arcade2TV)

  • Customer must confirm all dimensions of entry-ways and where it's being moved to prior to scheduling pickup, then arrives usually within 7-12 business days. The freight provider unpacks the machine and carries inside your home/business, up/down stairs or elevator.  Delivery does not include any setup of the machine, but does handle removal of packing materials. Carrier will call to set up appointment. 

Canada Shipping ($699 X-Arcade Machine / $499 Arcade2TV)

  • CANADA Fees: Arcade Machine ship to Canada with Threshold Delivery (where available), plus you will be responsible for paying a broker approximately $200 CDN for GST/PST and all related import duties and fees, payable directly to the broker prior to the arcade machine arrives.  Inside/White Glove Delivery is not available for Canada, but you can have the machine delivered to your house, then if you need some labor to help move it to desired location see if U-HAUL's moving help is available in your region.

International Arcade Machine Shipping (Outside USA/Canada)

We do not ship outside USA/CANADA.  For a $300 fee, we can put your machine in an internationally-approved shipping crate. We do not provide any shipment quotations or pricing for machine shipments outside the USA/Canada. You'll need to purchase the unit, pick "threshold delivery USA", then enter in the "SHIP TO" FIELD enter your billing address, but under name/address, enter PICKUP. After you place order, we'll confirm shipment details with you and adjust the charge.

You'll need arrange for your freight forwarder or carrier to pickup the unit at our facility.  You can make arrangements by replying to your order confirmation email. Standup crate is 850LBS, 85x53x44.  Arcade2TV crate is 60x55x55, 350 LBS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Extensive FAQ for avid-readers here

Sales Questions?

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X-Arcade Machine Cabinet With 250+ Arcade Classics

X-Arcade Machine Cabinet With 250+ Arcade Classics Photo


Customization Options

Ships within 1 Business Day

USA Threshold Delivery: $499

USA Inside Delivery: $699

Canada - $699

Got Sales Questions?

Call 24/7 Anytime 1-866-747-1233 or Email Sales

6 Month Financing

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