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X-Arcade PS3 Arcade Joystick Bundle 2 Players

Great For Any Computer or PS3 Arcade Game

Slide behind an X-Arcade™ Dual Joystick, it's like having your own personal little time machine. Relive the arcade classics that you used to enjoy in the arcade back in the 80's. It literally feels like a real arcade machine cabinet.

Award-Winning Indestructible Controller

Experience button mashing utopia, side by side with your closest friends and family in the comforts of your own home. Your indestructible beast of a joystick can be used with any computer or game system and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

PS3 Adapter Included: Great for Street Fighter X Tekken

X-Arcade™ Dual Indestructible Benefits

  • Indestructible & Unbreakable Design
  • Works Out Of The Box With Any PS3 or Computer Games
  • Optimized For PS3 Use
  • Dominate PS3 Fighting Games
  • Authentic Arcade Joysticks And Buttons
  • 100% Compatible With MAME™ & Pinball Emulators
  • 100% Compatibile With Any Operating System (Windows, Mac™, Unix, Linux, etc)
  • 100% Compatible With All Windows Versions 
  • Fully Compatible With Emulation Software To Relive Arcade Classics
  • Built In Pinball Flipper Buttons On Both Sides
  • Control Video Games Like Robotron™ and Crazy Climber™ With Two Joysticks
  • Dominate Online Play For Your Favorite Games
  • Pull Off Crushing Combinations In Fighting Games
  • Download Your Favorite Arcade Games Of All Time
  • Play Head To Head Fighting Games At Home Just Like The Local Arcade
  • Fully Programmable Buttons Allow You To Customize Your Experience
  • Play Your Favorite Sports Games With Arcade Realism And Fun
  • Withstand Thousands Of Hours Of Button Smashing Action
  • Precise Sensors Ensure Competition Grade Accuracy And Precision
  • 100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty
  • Award-Winning Customer Service
  • Ships Within 1 Business Day
  • Dimensions: 24.25" x 11.25" x 7": 12LBS.
  • Base: 21.75" x 8.125" x 3.875"

Award-Winning Reviews:

  • "You want this controller. You need this controller." - Xbox
  • "The ultimate gaming rig!" - Computer Gaming World
  • "The best universal joystick created." - GamePro

Some Other Excuses to Buy

What's Included

  • X-Arcade Two Player™ Arcade Joystick
  • PS3 Adapter (2in1) 
  • Connectors For 2 Players On PS3 and Xbox
  • 1st Generation Xbox Adapter (Not 360)
  • USB Connection With Included USB 10" USB Cable
  • 100% Compatibile With Any Operating System (XP, Vista, Mac™, Unix, Linux, etc)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty
  • Toll Free And Online Live Technical Support
  • Optional Choice Of USB or Game System Adapter ( See Connection
  • Add New Adapters For Other Systems At Any Time( See Adapters )

X-Arcade includes 6 arcade legends from midway: gauntlet, joust, defender, smash tv, robotron and rampage

Playstation 3 Adapter Information

Compatible With Any X-Arcade™

Inject the arcade experience into your home with this special bundle kit for your X-Arcade™ Joystick. Get ultra-quick, lag-free control for 1-2 Players via direct connection to your Playstation 3™ or Xbox™ (old version, not 360) no additional converters needed. Supports all PS3 firmware versions.

New DualStick Mode

New Features: Competition-level performance directly on PS3™ or Xbox™ and the new "DualStick" mode to control console games requiring the use of 2 joysticks simultaneously. Supports first-generation Xbox and PS3.

NEW: DualStick Mode & Lag Free Design

The standard layout for this adapter allows your X-Arcade to control 2 separate players.  However, some games like Robotron use (2) Joysticks for 1 Player, so we created a special new mode in additional to the standard 2 Player Layout.

The new DualStick Mode converts the right joystick of any X-Arcade™ 2 Player into the right analog thumbstick of a gamepad. 

Inject authentic control on classic arcade titles which use 2 simultaneous digital joysticks. This new mode is NOT recommended for 1st person shooters which need analog control. 

X-Arcade joystick 5in1 dualstick mode

  • Supports Sony Playstation 3™ and Microsoft Xbox™ (does not support 360)
  • Ultra-quick lag-free performance
  • Dualstick Mode: Authentic control for Robotron™, SmashTV™, Crazy Climber™,  Karate Champ™ and more!
  • PS3 + Xbox Adapter Manual
  • 100% Compatible With Any Emulators On Your PS3 or Xbox (Mame, etc..) 

How The X-Arcade Plugs Into A Game Console.

The X-Arcade™ is recognized by your console as a regular console gamepad, plug directly between your X-Arcade using the Console Cable included with any X-Arcade and either a Playstation 3 or Xbox™.  No Console Cable is included with this bundle.

Connecting playstation 3 + xbox adapter to x-arcade


Please note: That although the PS3 connection is USB, it will not support connectivity to your PC (or Xbox 360) via USB.  

Controller Compatible With Any Game System Via Add-On Adapters

Xgaming Adapters

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The X-Arcade™ was built with internal electronics to be compatible with the major past, present and FUTURE game systems. X-Arcade™ Console Adapters are available for any game system! You can purchase separately or bundle above with the drop-down menu. Get your X-Arcade™ and use it for life!

No other arcade joystick can guarantee support for past, present and FUTURE game systems!