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Technical Support Topics

Test Your X-Arcade™ First! - Test Program
Using X-Arcade With MAME on PC

Using X-Arcade With MAME on Mac
X-Arcade™ Dual & Solo Joystick Support
X-Arcade™ Tankstick Support
Build Your Own Arcade Kit Support
X-Arcade™ Trackball Support
X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet Support
Midway™ Arcade Classics CD

How To Guides

Use Your X-Arcade With MAME™
Test Your X-Arcade™
Play Arcade Classics - Arcade Center

X-Arcade™ Installation Guide

X-Arcade™ Programming Guide
Change the X-Arcade™ from 8-way to 4-way mode
Connect A Coin-Slot-Door for X-Arcade™

Adapter Legends/Layouts with Instructions:

PC & MAC (Mode1)
Playstation™ 1 & 2
Playstation™ 3
Wii™ and GameCube™
Blank Diagram For PC Mode 2-4 Programming

Product Manuals:

X-Arcade™ Dual & Solo Joystick - English - Spanish - French
X-Arcade™ Tankstick
X-Arcade™ Trackball
Build Your Own Arcade Kit
Midway™ Arcade Classics CD

Customer Resources

Lifetime Warranty Policy
Product Return Policy
X-Arcade Test Utility Program (PC)
Play Classic Arcade Games
Warranty Registration (Not required if purchased online)

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