Using Your X-Arcade™ With Android Devices:

If you are looking to get more play from your X-Arcade™ Xbox 360™ adapter, the good news is there is unofficial support on Android devices for Xbox 360 Controllers. That means you use any X-Arcade with your Android tablet. 

Requirements To Use X-Arcade™ + Android™

  • X-Arcade (any version)
  • Xbox 360 Adapter (any version)
  • X-Arcade Console Cable
  • USB HUB, plus a USB OTG (on the go) adapter if the device doesn't have native USB input.  

The video below shows X-Arcade being used with Nexus 7™.

This is an un-offically supported application for your X-Arcade Xbox 360 Adapter, but thanks to our good friend Marc-Andre Larouche for the setup video and demonstration below on Youtube.  No technical support is available, but it has been tested to work with any X-Arcade + Xbox 360 Adapter. 

Wanna use your X-Arcade with Ipad™ or IOS™ device instead?