X-Arcade Machine FAQ

What's included in the X-Arcade Standup Machine Cabinet?

  • X-Arcade™ Standup Arcade Machine
  • Control Panel With Pinball Buttons And Trackball
  • Built In Wifi Wireless Card (Internet + Remote Technical Support/Service)
  • BRAND NEW Embedded Arcade Computer:  Intel (3 Year Warranty)
  • 29 " Authentic Real Arcade Monitor (1 Year Warranty)
  • Includes 250+ Classic Games
  • Surround-Speakers With Subwoofer + Easily Accessible Audio Control
  • Fully-Functional Iron Coin-Door-
  • Sliding/Lockable Keyboard Drawer
  • 2 Rear Locking (Vented) Access Panels
  • Rear Cooling Fan
  • Interior Pre-Wired Power Management System
  • Tempered Glass Protective Screen
  • Video And Audio Control System To Control Different Game Consoles
  • 29" Arcade Bezel
  • Internal Shelving System For Multiple Computers/Game Consoles
  • Removable Control Panel
  • Accessible Dual Pinball Buttons On Left/Right Panel
  • Steel Monitor Mounting Brackets
  • Powder-Coated Marquee For Pass-Through Audio
  • Back-lighted Marquee
  • Storage Area Behind Marque For Games/Media/Audio
  • Rear Cabinet Handle
  • Industrial-Grade Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Cabinet Legs
  • Toll Free Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty On X-Arcade Joystick

Unmatched Warranty And Service:

The X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet joystick, buttons and trackball include a lifetime warranty.  The Cabinet/Machine, game system and monitor are covered for one year.

Since the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet was designed for home and office use, all the parts can be replaced onsite by your grandma. Unlike competing arcade machines, the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet will NEVER need on-site service by a skilled technician.

We focused on making the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet easy to fix. 

Lifetime Free Diagnostic Support: Remote Login

You're spending thousands of dollars for an authentic arcade experience and we back that investment up with unparalleled service!  If you have a problem with your X-Arcade, we will remotely login and troubleshoot/fix any problems for you. No need for an on-site technician. Just make sure to have WIFI Internet so the machine's built-in WIFI card can get online. 

We'll bet other arcade games you're looking at do not have this nifty feature. 

Do I have to setup anything?

The X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet was designed to work immediately without any complicated setup

You'll need to connect it the control panel, (it ships disconnected so your machine will fit through any door) but that step and the connection of 4 cables to the Arcade PC takes about 10 mins.  Then, just plug it in, turn on and go! 

Does it work like a regular arcade machine?

The X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is modeled from an industrial-grade, coin-op arcade machine. 

You'll get the exact same thing as the arcade, but we made some upgrades so the machine would look great and function well in a home or place of business. It uses all the same parts as a real 80's arcade machine.  

No coins are required to start games (just press the pinball buttons on the side) and everything is controlled from the X-Arcade Tankstick.  

The machine does include a working coin-door, but you can simply add credits to games by pressing the side pinball buttons.

Real arcade machines typically cost upwards of $3000-$5000 each and only include a very limited number of games and no flexibility.

You control games just like you would on a regular game console, but use the controls of a real arcade machine. This makes adding new games from your favorite game system as easy as inserting a game disc and pressing the power button.

What is the size of the machine?

Machine Height: 75"; Width: 28" Depth 43" . The control panel is shipped un-attached from the machine, so width is 28".  With the panel installed after installation, width becomes 32".  The average door size is 30-32" so it should fit into any room.

Weight – 565 lbs, ships on a palette.

Can I use it as a MAME™ Cabinet?

With the popularity of MAME™, many people who grew up on the classic arcade games from the 70's and 80's want to relive these games today and your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is 100% compatible with all versions of MAME™ and all emulators with built-in arcade gaming software.  Due to the legal implication of game roms, we cannot provide any information, advice, help, links or answer any questions about where to download roms or games.   Please note the legal implications of using MAME ROMS you do not own the original copy of. 

Where would someone install or use an X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet?

Since the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet replicates a real stand-up arcade machine, customers from all walks of life are using units in very interesting ways. 

In the home, the most common use is in a gameroom, home theater room or man-cave: serving as the centerpiece of the ultimate gaming experience. 

Outside the home, the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is currently being used in university rec-rooms, break rooms, waiting rooms, corporate offices, any place you want to add some fun for visitors, guests or employees! The machine can currently be found at the nations's most prestigious Universities and successful Corporations.

The X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is a great solution due to its industrial-grade parts and lockable access areas. 

Where can I store my games and movies?

We came up with a brilliant way to access your games and movies using a simple pull-up system attached behind the graphical marquee. Just push up the front of the marquee and access this hidden storage area!

Accessible Storage Area


What games are included?

Currently, 250+ Classic Arcade Games are included. View the complete list of games here. This is by far the largest legal collection of classic games available for any arcade machine.   Unlike other machines, you don't need to purchase expensive game packs to upgrade either.

Can I use with my existing games or game system?

You can also connect your favorite game system to the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet and control those games with real arcade controls. 

When you compare the  X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet to a smaller and less-equipped cabinets, it's important to realize the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet also has the incredible flexibility of supporting 10 different game systems and thousands of game console titles, with no need to purchase expensive game packs. Just plug in your game console and control your favorite games with our arcade controls and watch on the arcade machine. 

If your friends prefer playing certain games with a game pad, the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet supports the option to use either the X-Arcade Arcade Joysticks or your favorite game controller. 

We provide a 4-way switch box to connect multiple game systems. 

Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is the most flexible arcade machine available and supports the widest range of games and game systems. 

How Can I Play With New Games?

The X-Arcade supports open-source arcade software, but we do not provide information on how to download roms due to legal implications of your ownership of original game. 

How do I change games?

There a single game menu for accessing your games.

Will I be able to use with a next generation system like PS4 or Xbox One™?

Yes we've developed a great reputation in the game industry by creating products that you buy once and use forever! It's a simple idea that we take seriously.

We already have adapters for Xbox 360™, Playstation 3™ and Nintendo Wii U™.   Just plug the game system to our video and audio control box, then connect your game system to our machine controller and you are off. The whole setup will take about 5 min!

Can I get an arcade machine with thousands of games?

If you see an ad for an arcade machine or MAME™ machine claiming it includes THOUSANDS of CLASSIC MAME ARCADE GAMES, it's illegal. You will not get an arcade machine from us which includes thousands of games and any company selling such a machine will not be in business for long.

Please see if you are legally permitted to install a new rom or game.  

Can I play Pacman ™?

Yes, it's included in the basic game package, available from the main menu and included on the Namco™ Museum Game Compilation Disc.

X-Arcade™ Machine 3.0 Benefits

  • Inject Arcade Gaming Into Your Home Gameroom
  • Industrialized BRAND NEW Embedded Computer (3 Year Warranty)
  • Easily Add Your Own Games
  • Full-sized, Industrial-Grade 3" Trackball For Games Like Marble Madness, Golf and More
  • Relive Your Favorite Classic Games ( Includes 250+ Classic Games )
  • Relive Arcade Legends Through A Single Arcade Cabinet
  • Future Proof World's Only Arcade Machine Compatible With Past, Present And Future Game Consoles
  • Full-sized, Industrial-Grade 3" Trackball For Games Like Marble Madness, Golf and More
  • Massive 29" CRT Industrial-Grade Arcade Monitor
  • Play Your Existing Games Through X-Arcade™ Control System
  • Play Head To Head Fighting, Sports And Arcade Titles
  • Authentic Industrial Cabinet Design
  • Includes 565lbs Of High Quality Arcade Machine Parts
  • Powered By The Award Winning X-Arcade Control System With Trackball, 2 Players + Pinball Access Buttons
  • Made In USA - Ships On A Standard Palette via US Freight
  • Fully-Functional USA Currency Quarter Coin Door: (Not Wired and Not Allowed For Commercial Use)
  • Handles And Wheels For Easy Transport Inside Your Home Or Office
  • Lockable Keyboard Tray With Plenty Of Storage Space
  • The Most Upgradeable And Flexible Arcade Machine Available


  • Machine Height: 75"; Width: 32" (with panel) Depth 43" . You can remove the control panel so machine easily fits inside any door. Width becomes "28.
  • New Flat Screen: Weiya 29" CRT Arcade Monitor
  • Compare To Other Arcade Machines Using 19"-25" Tiny Displays
  • Authentic Arcade CRT Display

How does the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet compare to a REAL arcade machine?

Unlike other arcade machines which are built by kitchen cabinet makers or garage operations, ours are built by professional arcade experts with decades of experience building commercial arcade machines for the largest arcade manufacturers in the world. This IS a commercial-grade arcade machine.  Take a close look at the dimensions and weight of any alternative.  Our machine is 75 INCHES tall and weighs 565LBS. It is built like a tank and the most authentic arcade machine available. 

In fact, the only differences between this machine and an arcade machine found at your local arcade involve cosmetic and electronic upgrades we've made. Specifically--adding storage space for your game systems and games, a keyboard drawer, lockable drawers/doors, adjustable marques and shelving for anything you want to add in the future.

You'll get a real arcade machine--that's flexible and upgrade able.

X-Arcade machine

How does it compare to MAME™ Arcade Machines?

The X-Arcade™ was made for arcade enthusiasts and owes its birth to the legions of MAME™ users all over the world.  Our system is by far the best choice for MAME™ users not wishing to build their own cabinet.

Why should I buy the X-Arcade instead of _______?

There a number of factors which created our leadership position in home arcade gaming. 

Authenticity: The X-Arcade Machine is by far the most durable (75 INCHES Tall, 565LBS) and authentically produced arcade available. 

Innovation. We were the first gaming company to develop and market a single arcade machine and joystick to work with any game system.  We took the fun and simplicity of classic arcade gaming and are making it available to any game system or platform. No other machine can offer this functionality, which we consider incredibly important given the large investment you are making and the planned length of time this machine will be in your home or office! Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is future-proof.

Flexibility. We had enough foresight to realize--as game systems become obsolete, the arcade machine you love doesn't have to. We designed the first and only arcade machine which can be purchased today and include future support for new game systems. No one wants to buy a product or technology which becomes obsolete.

Our system includes the classics, plays thousand of arcade games, but is compatible with your favorite game console, Mac™ or PC.  In the future, when a new Xbox or Playstation or Nintendo is released, you will be able to buy connections to play that game system inside your  X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet for $50, that's a great value!

Service. Your  X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is indestructible and so is the warranty that comes with it.  

Focus. We became the best arcade hardware company on the planet by focusing our efforts exclusively on arcade gaming. You wont' find us making gamepad's, steering wheels, dance pads and every input device under the sun. We are passionate about classic arcade gaming and focus all our resources in this area.

Will you be coming out with different control panels?

Currently, we offer a two player control panel with a trackball in the center, but are well-ahead of our competition by featuring a "fully-removable" control panel.  This design concept is important because it allows your  X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet to be very flexible when it comes to future additions and gameplay.

This means you have the option of purchasing additional control panels in the future as they are made available to expand your machine to support more players and new types of game play.

You can proceed with purchasing the standard 2 Player configuration now and we will notify all owners of new panels as they are made available. You can even design your own custom control panel and attach to your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet.   No other arcade machine cabinets offer this kind of flexibility or value.

What kind of joysticks/buttons do you use ?

The joysticks used in the X-Arcade Machine are industrial-grade (8/4 way) tested to work for 10,000,000 pushes.

*We include replacement parts so you'll never experience any downtime!

What if something breaks ?

The design of the X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet was structured to make it extremely easy to service. In most cases, you'll be able to easily fix the problem on-site with no technical help needed. 

-If the controller itself fails, it's removable and replaceable on-site by anyone WITHOUT technical experience. Unplug and change, very simple.  Your computer has built-in WIFI and a remote login application so we can provide remote diagnostic services and update your machine if necessary.

-You can remove the game system and audio speaker system in a few minutes and change out with a replacement supplied by Xgaming.

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours.

What size and type of monitor is in the X-Arcade Machine?

Included inside the machine is a 29" Industrial-Grade VGA monitor. Don't be fooled by arcade machines using tiny 21" Computer monitors or even those brave enough to use an LCD as the main display.

Real arcade machines use this 29" Industrial-Grade VGA monitor because it's the only display type capable of properly showcasing classic games and next generation games.  Our main competitor, the Arcade Legends uses a much smaller 25" Screen

We include an adapter to connect any game system to this VGA monitor.

Where do you ship from?

Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet will ship from Wisconsin via freight. It's pre-built, assembled, industrial-grade machine and ready-to-use.

How does is ship ?

Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet ships on a palette via truck-freight, pre-built, assembled and ready to use. The entire bundle weights approximately 480LBS, so make sure to have a furniture or appliance dolly and friend there to get inside your house.

For an additional fee, the freight company can bring upstairs/downstairs inside house or building. There are special requirements for where and how inside delivery is made, this will be arranged by phone before your machine is shipped.

How much does shipping cost?

Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet will cost $499 to ship anywhere in the lower 48 states. This includes delivery to your curb on a palette, usually the freight company will allow you to use the palette jack to move the unit to your driveway/garage door or main point of entry. 

If you require assistance bringing inside your house, building or apartment; please specify when you order by replying to your order confirmation email or phone

Lower 48 States - $499
Lower 48 States - Inside Delivery $699.

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours.


Can you ship to other countries?

Canada is $699, but for any other countries, you must arrange your own pickup at our facility and incur a $300 crating charge. 

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours.

How do I get it into my house or building?

Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet ships on a palette and we suggest you have one-two friends (just buy em' some beer) and a furniture dolly ready to move to its desired location.

*There are wheels on the back of the machine so you can tilt and push around from room-to-room. 

You should still have those free beers ready for your driver, he'll work much harder with a reward.

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours.

How long till it ships?

Your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet is high quality furniture, but if you place your order today--it will usually ship within 1-2 business days and arrive in approximately 5-7 business days via freight. 

What if it's damaged in shipment?

If your X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet arrives damaged in anyway, you must refuse delivery. Since it ships via Freight, you must carefully inspect the outside box to ensure it was not damaged in shipment.  

Can I purchase the cabinet without your X-Arcade™ Joystick ?

If you already have an X-Arcade™ Joystick, please call 1-866-747-1233  

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours. You can also order the machine online and reply to the order confirmation email and request removal of the joystick from your shipment.

Can I phone in an order?

Call 1-866-747-1233 to phone in and order .  You can also click on the LIVE HELP icon on the right side of our site.

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours.

Send us an email for special requests.

Can I order without the monitor or other parts?

We have two configurations available:

X-Arcade Starter Machine 
No game systems or games included.

X-Arcade 3.0 With 250+ Games
Standard configuration with 250+ Games,  plus embedded compute

Have a question?  Fill out this form we reply 7 days/week, usually within a few hours.