X-Arcade Machine Reservations

We apologize, but due to holiday demand, the X-Arcade Machine is out of stock.  To reserve a unit from our current production and ensure shipment before Jan 18th, please place your order now, we will verify your credit card, but only charge it when your X-Arcade Machine ships.   We cannot guarantee stock will be available for Jan. shipment if you place your order after New Year's. 

We are exhibiting at CES Jan 8-11th, so you can come see the X-Arcade Machine.   If you delay your order until after the start of the show, it's likely we will be out of stock and you'll need to wait for February production.  

Sorry for the delays in lead-time, we should be caught up in February and any orders placed at that time will ship within 1 business day.

We just added 14 new games to 2013 production (Metal Slug X Collection and Mega Man Pack

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