How Do I Add More Arcade Games To My Machine?

Not only does your X-Arcade Machine™ have the largest authentic arcade game collection of any machine, it's also the most flexible AND has the easiest methods for adding games. 

Four Great Ways To Add Games:

  1. Arcade Classics:  
  2. Your X-Arcade Machine™ supports open-source arcade gaming software and with its built-in, brand new super-fast computer with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily download your favorite arcade classics.  
  1. Any PC Games:  
  2. You can exit the arcade menu and go to Windows 8 interface to play PC games that support a mouse/keyboard.
  1. Purchase any existing Sony Playstation 2™ Disc.  
  2. Your machine also includes a Sony Playstation 2™, so just purchase standard Playstation 1 or 2™ game discs and connect to the Machine's DVD rom drive. Over 2,000 PS2™ games are available. 
  1. Any Game System:
  2. With X-Arcade Game System Adapters you can connect your own game systems to the X-Arcade Machine™.   As new game systems are released, we add support for those game systems to your machine, so you can continue to play both classic AND current-generation games on your Machine!
No machine provides the flexibility and support of so many classic games AND current game systems.

You Can Take Your Own Game System And Control From Your X-Arcade Machine™

  • Wii U™
  • Xbox 360™
  • PS3™
  • Wii™
  • Xbox™
  • PS2™
  • PS1™
  • Android OS™
  • IOS™ (Jailbroken)
  • Dreamcast™
  • Gamecube™
You'll be enjoying thousands of games from limitless systems with your X-Arcade™.

Dude, what are you waiting for? You wife to give you permission? No problem, we got your back.