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Xgaming® is an award-winning product design firm whose innovative and indestructible X-Arcade™ gaming products have received critical worldwide acclaim  as IGN™, Wired™, PC Magazine™, Techcrunch™ and countless industry publications have issued editor's choice and best of category awards for X-Arcade™ products.

X-Arcade™:  Rebirth Of The Arcade Experience

X-Arcade™, the company's flagship brand of authentic arcade gaming products, appeals to the nostalgia for the Golden Age of arcade gaming---using industrial-grade, 100% authentic designs which re-create the 80's arcade experience in the home. The success of the  X-Arcade™ over the past decade has led to a rebirth of an entire industry of retro-arcade gaming. 

What began as a three-person operation sparked by Pittsburgh native Shawn Walters' plan to resurrect the arcade experience of the 80's has grown to a leading video game accessory brand worldwide.

The Xgaming® customer list includes professional athletes, celebrities, the world's top corporations and universities AND regular nostalgia-seekers looking to bring back the arcade experience of the 80's.

Xgaming® was started in 2001 and was previously-based at the revolutionary graduate program for video games at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. (external link)

To find out more about Xgaming®, check out this feature in The Business Times (external link)

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