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Relive Arcade Legends 2 Player X-Arcade Machine

205 Classic Games, No Quarters!

Passionately designed to deliver thousands of hours of fun experiences for your family and friends — The new X-Arcade™ 2 Player allows you to relive arcade legends AND take control of next-generation games — all from the comforts of your own home!

Bring Back Arcade Legends!

Relive your favorite games — including arcade legends, fighting, racing, pinball and more from a single commercial-grade arcade machine. Just plug in and start playing one of the 205 included classic games! Add new games at any time!

What's more, you can even connect your existing game systems to the X-Arcade™ Machine and enjoy arcade-style play on your favorite arcade-style titles! Now compatible with Xbox 360™

Xbox 360 X-Arcade

Your Favorite Arcade Legends In One Machine

Using the X-Arcade™ Tankstick and the included classic arcade game compilations, be prepared to play your favorite arcade legends like: Pac-Man,™ Space Invaders,™ Robotron,™ Galaga,™ Joust,™ and Street Fighter™.

All this great game play features a massive 27" Arcade Computer Monitor. Don't be fooled by cheap 19"-25" Monitors or TV's, this machine uses the highest grade industrial monitor available — The Wells Gardner 9800 Mame Monitor.

And don't worry about your kids breaking it; it's built like a friggin tank.

Everything You'll Ever Need

You'll find imitation machines with limited or few games and support of "any next-generation game." The X-Arcade™ Machine is powered by the award-winning X-Arcade™ Joystick, dubbed the top arcade controller by experts year after year.

With an investment as large as an arcade machine for your home or office break room, you want flexibility and arcade authenticity: two of the X-Arcade's™ strongest benefits.

Adding new games is a snap, just purchase any Sony Playstation 2™ game disc and insert into the included Playstation 2™ DVD tray.

With a number of options available for classic gaming, remember "Anything else is imitation, X-Arcade™ Is the real thing."

X-Arcade™ Machine 3.0 Benefits

  • Inject Arcade Gaming Into Your Home Gameroom
  • Relive Your Favorite Classic Games ( Includes 205 Classic Games )
  • Instant -Connection To Your Favorite Game System, PC or Mac™ To Control Your Favorite Games
  • Massive 27" Industrial-Grade Arcade Computer Monitor
  • Play Your Existing Games Through X-Arcade™ Tankstick, Gamepad Or Any Controller
  • Play Thousands Of Arcade Legends Through A Single Arcade Cabinet
  • Play Head To Head Fighting, Sports And Arcade Titles Like A Real Arcade
  • Constructed Identically To An Industrial Grade Arcade Machine
  • Includes 400lbs Of High Quality Arcade Machine Parts
  • Includes Your Choice Of Award Winning X-Arcade Tankstick
  • Pre-Assembled, Ships On A Standard Palette via US Freight
  • Plexiglas Bezel And Real Coin-Door For True Arcade Experience
  • Handles And Wheels For Easy Transport Inside Your Home Or Office
  • Lockable Keyboard Tray With Plenty Of Storage Space
  • Watch DVD Movies and Play Music CD's Like A Juke Box Player.


  • Machine Height: 75"; Width: 32" (with panel) Depth 43" . You can remove the control panel so machine easily fits inside any door. Width becomes "28.
  • New Flat Screen: Wells Gardner 9800 Monitor

Includes Dual Tankstick With Trackball

Includes Dual Tankstick With Trackball

Award winning controls dubbed "best arcade joystick" by game reviewers world-wide serve as the brains of your machine, allowing you to relive arcade legends OR add any of your favorite game systems to control them through the X-Arcade™ Machine.

Imagine playing your favorite arcade legends, fast-paced action/arcade titles and fighting games just like a real arcade cabinet — with no quarters needed! Play with any of the included 205 arcade legends or purchase existing game console titles and turn them into a real arcade experience.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty , you'll be sure to get your joystick today and use it for life.

What's Included

  • X-Arcade™ Standup Arcade Machine
  • FREE UPGRADE: X-Arcade™ Tankstick ($200 Value)
  • X-Arcade™ Console Game Adapters (Connect To Your Favorite Game Console)
  • 27 " Industrial-Grade Monitor (1 Year Warranty)
  • Playstation 2™ Game System
  • Includes 205 Classic Games
  • Surround-Speakers With Subwoofer
  • Non-Functional Iron Coin-Door
  • Sliding/Lockable Keyboard Drawer
  • 2 Rear Locking (Vented) Access Panels
  • 110V Rear Cooling Fan
  • Interior Pre-Wired Power Strip
  • 27" Arcade Bezel From Suzo/Happ™
  • Tempered Glass Protective Screen
  • Internal Shelving System For PC/Game Consoles
  • Control Panel Clamps & Hinge
  • Steel Monitor Mounting Brackets
  • Powder-Coated Marqcee For Pass-Through Audio
  • Storage Area Behind Marque For Games/Media/Audio
  • Rear Cabinet Handle
  • Industrial-Grade Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Cabinet Legs
  • Toll Free Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty On X-Arcade Joystick

X-Arcade™ Machine Cabinet FAQ

X-Arcade Machine FAQ Located Here

Relive Arcade Legends: X-Arcade Machine Cabinet With 205 Games

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